G20 media committee holds first press conference in Riyadh

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Updated 19 February 2020

G20 media committee holds first press conference in Riyadh

  • There will be coverage of over 135 meetings and conferences, to which end we will be creating an international media center that can accommodate up to 10,000 journalists

RIYADH: The media committee of the G20 Summit held its introductory press conference on Sunday afternoon at the headquarters of the Saudi Press Agency in Riyadh.

Both local and foreign media were invited to view the year’s schedule of events, ask the media committee questions and understand the objectives of the summit.
“Thanks to the direction of King Salman and constant support from the crown prince, the Kingdom has prepared a full schedule that will guarantee the success of this historic event,” said Minister of Media Turki Al-Shabanah.
He talked about the facilities that would be made available to the members of the press throughout the year, including an international media center that would serve as the central hub for all media activities in the summit.
“The media committee has prepared a full strategic plan to provide members of both foreign and local press with all of the resources they will need to cover the G20. There will be coverage of over 135 meetings and conferences, to which end we will be creating an international media center that can accommodate up to 10,000 journalists,” he said.
He added that media facilities would be available to accredited journalists and in multiple languages for journalists across the world.
Fahd Al-Mubarak, minister of state and Saudi Arabia’s G20 sherpa, said: “Having such a large number of media professionals really underscores the importance of the role the Kingdom plays in leading the 2020 G20 Summit.”
Al-Mubarak highlighted some of the challenges the summit was facing this year, notably the coronavirus, which he said that they were actively discussing and trying to overcome.
Fahd Al-Tunisi, adviser at the royal court and secretary-general of the Saudi Secretariat for the G20, highlighted the importance of the media in getting Saudi Arabia’s messages across.
Due to the G20’s own rules and regulations, not all of the G20 meetings and conferences will be open for members of the media to attend. However, Al-Tunisi told reporters that all of the necessary resources would be made available to them online and at the international media center, and that more press conferences would be held as necessary to bring them up to speed.

Saudi mosques ready to receive worshippers: Minister

Sheikh Abdullatif Al-Asheikh. (SPA)
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Saudi mosques ready to receive worshippers: Minister

  • Saudi Arabia records 1,581 new coronavirus cases, 2,460 recoveries, 17 deaths
  • They will also have to perform ablution at home and maintain a 2-meter distance between each other

JEDDAH: The Saudi minister of Islamic affairs announced on Friday the readiness of the Kingdom’s mosques to welcome worshippers after he completed field trips to check on necessary preparations.

“Throughout our inspection trips, we found our mosques to have completed preparations and are in the best condition,” said Sheikh Abdullatif Al-Asheikh.
“Whatever remains falls upon citizens. I hope that citizens and residents follow healthy precautionary measures as instructed by professionals. I hope that they’re careful with their own lives and the lives of others.”
Meanwhile, the Kingdom recorded 17 new COVID-19-related deaths on Friday, raising the total to 458. There were 1,581 new cases reported in Saudi Arabia, meaning 81,766 people have now contracted the disease. There are 24,295 active cases.


The total number of coronavirus cases in the Kingdom reached 81,766.

The Health Ministry announced that 2,460 more patients have recovered from COVID-19, bringing the total number of recoveries in the Kingdom to 57,013.
Saudi Arabia has so far conducted 787,465 tests for COVID-19. The Health Ministry said anyone can set up an appointment on the Sehaty app to get tested. The initiative is part of the ministry’s efforts to combat the virus and promote mass testing. The ministry reminded Saudis and expats to be mindful of the elderly as they have a higher risk of contracting the virus.
Saudi authorities launched a detailed timetable on Monday for a three-stage easing of coronavirus restrictions, designed to introduce a return to normal life in the Kingdom in less than a month.