Updated 25 March 2020

6 Ramadan dramas on hold amid the coronavirus spread

According to local media reports, some of the shows scheduled for Ramadan 2020 have halted production due to the coronavirus pandemic.

  • ‘Khatt Hareer’

    The romantic series stars Egyptian actress Mai Ezz Eldin. Production started in February but there has been no announcement on when filming will resume.

  • ‘Forsa Tanya’

    ‘Forsa Tanya,’ whose lead character is Egyptian actress Yasmine Sabri, has stopped its production for 10 days to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. 

  • ‘Shahid Ayan’

    Filming for the series “Shahid Ayan,” whose lead actor is Egyptian star Hassan El-Raddad, has also been paused, but is expected to start again in April. 

  • ‘Soltanat El-Moezz’

    The series, which tells the story of a woman — played by Ghada Abdelrazek — who lives in a rural Egyptian district, has stopped shooting until March 28, pending further review.

  • ‘Al-Hayba 4’

    This will mark the last season of the series, which stars Syrian actor Taim Hassan. So far, media reports indicate that filming is set to resume during the second week of April. 

  • ‘Eswed Fateh’

    Despite the precautionary measures that the production team was already taking, they followed international advice to practice social distancing and plan to resume filming in April.