Your at-home guide to removing unwanted body hair

Waxing is one of the most popular methods of hair removal. Shutterstock
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Updated 15 April 2020

Your at-home guide to removing unwanted body hair

With the closure of beauty salons due to the coronavirus pandemic, there is an uptick in women wondering how to achieve smooth, silky skin at home. Fortunately, there are multiple hair removal methods available on the market, from salon-style waxing to at-home laser devices that can help. 

As always, consult your dermatologist or general doctor before trying any new hair removal technique and remember to patch test first — test the method on a small area of skin and wait 24 hours to make sure it suits your skin type.

Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X

The US FDA-approved laser device can be used to eliminate hair growth on your face, neck, arms and legs. Pulses of gently concentrated light are emitted from the laser device into the hair follicles, which in turn destroys the hair. For the best results, use the laser on each area of unwanted hair every two weeks for 90 days as this is the most effective way to target the whole hair growth cycle. 

The brand also boasts a precision laser, that is compact enough to fit in your clutch and is designed for eliminating hair on sensitive areas such as the upper lip, chin and underarms.

Remember that depending on your hair and skin type and any hormonal or health issues, this product could be more effective for some users over others. 

Expert’s advice: Waxing or plucking hair should be stopped a few weeks prior to at-home laser treatment to prevent soreness or unnecessary trauma to your skin. 

Bedashing #BEhome waxing kit

This full body waxing kit comes equipped with everything you need to achieve flawless limbs at home. There’s a wax heater, waxing strips, wax rollers and a soothing after-wax oil to hydrate the skin after hair removal. What’s more, to further encourage people to stay at home, the kit can be delivered straight to your doorstep — with clear step-by-step instructions  — after you purchase it online.

Expert’s advice: Going over the same area more than twice can damage the skin and it will be quite painful. If you still have a few unwanted stray hairs after applying the wax twice, use tweezers to remove them.


The Mave Shave System

Shaving is a popular and fuss-free method of hair removal. All that’s required is a fresh razor to eradicate hair. The Mave Shave System includes the complete full-size collection of all of the prep and post-shave essentials to elevate your shaving routine, including a full body exfoliant, shaving cream, a razor and a post-shave body oil in sleek packaging that will no doubt make a luxurious addition to your bathroom counter. 

Expert’s advice: Shave against the direction of hair growth for the best results. 

Veet Silky Fresh Hair Removal Cream

Depilatory creams are formulas that are filled with chemicals that help break down the keratin proteins in your hair to eventually dissolve them. They are popular because they are simple to use, cost-effective and the least painful of all the hair removal methods. To use this product, simply apply the product on the desired areas and leave on for three minutes. During this time, chemicals dissolve unwanted hair. Afterwards, the substance can be washed or wiped off. Unlike many depilatory creams on the market that tend to boast a pungent scent, this formula has a subtle floral fragrance.

Expert’s advice: Perform a patch test before using to make sure your skin won’t react negatively to the ingredients in the formula.

Louvre Abu Dhabi releases sci-fi podcast featuring 7 international celebrities

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Louvre Abu Dhabi releases sci-fi podcast featuring 7 international celebrities

DUBAI: On Sunday, Louvre Abu Dhabi  has released a 20-minute cinematic podcast, “We Are Not Alone,” that reinterprets the museum's architecture through a futuristic story narrated by seven international celebrities.

Available in six different languages, the new podcast is narrated in the voices of Emirati singer Hussain Al-Jassmi in Arabic, American actor Willem Dafoe in English, French actress and singer Charlotte Gainsbourg in French and English, Chinese actress Zhou Dongyu in Mandarin, Russian DJ and singer Nina Kraviz in Russian and filmmaker and playwright Wim Wenders in German.

“Louvre Abu Dhabi tells the story of art history throughout the ages,” said Manuel Rabate, Director of Louvre Abu Dhabi in a statement. “As we always look for new ways to experiment and innovate, we continue to explore new narratives inspired by our architecture and collection. ‘We Are Not Alone’ is yet another example of our innovative approach to sharing stories of cultural connections,” he added.

The new podcast is composed and produced by Soundwalk Collective, an experimental group of artists and musicians. It is a part of the UAE museum’s extensive digital offering, which includes free access to content through virtual tours, video, audio and downloadable activities.