Where We Are Going Today: Civilization Lab

Where We Are Going Today: Civilization Lab
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Updated 12 June 2020

Where We Are Going Today: Civilization Lab

Where We Are Going Today: Civilization Lab

Civilization Lab is a space that offers access to high-tech and “no-tech” tools that are essential for creating, building, exploring, learning and making.

It aims to encourage people to convert their ideas into products and to become producers instead of just consumers.

It was launched last summer in Jeddah and was founded by two enthusiastic mothers — Zeina Hashim and Ayat Felimban — who were on the hunt for the best after-school activities for their kids.

The space offers different courses including woodwork for kids, workshops for grownups to explore hobbies and a messy space for young children to create new things. Digital fabrication tools — such as a CNC, UV printer,  vinyl printer and cutters — are on hand so that budding creators can bring their ideas to life.

Civilization Lab is not just a space for play, it also enables visitors from ages three to 99 to explore and make their own games. One of the most recommended educational toys is the robot family. It comprises a group of four wooden robots, including a super cute baby robot complete with a pacifier. The models require assembly and help to deliver core woodworking skills such as sanding, nail-screwing, and safe hammering.

The robots can be purchased individually so that each family can buy a set of robots representing each member of their family. It is a way for kids to pass the time constructively, as well as something they can do with their loved ones.

You can find the lab at Abdullah Dahlan Street, 

Al-Rawdah district, Jeddah. Its products are available on Instagram @civilizationlab.