Bahrain’s GFH rebrands flagship project to ‘Harbor Heights’

Featuring advanced engineering and architectural designs, Harbor Heights, located in the heart of the Bahraini capital, consist of one- to five-bedroom apartments. Some of the key facilities include a super penthouse, health club and spa, swimming pools, manicured gardens and several recreational amenities.
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Updated 01 July 2020

Bahrain’s GFH rebrands flagship project to ‘Harbor Heights’

GFH Properties, the real estate arm of GFH Financial Group, has announced the rebranding of one of its flagship projects — the Villamar development — to “Harbor Heights.” The change comes amid the continued upgrading and strong advancement of the project whose progress has been recognized at the recent holding of the Ministerial Committee for the Development and Infrastructure Projects by Shaikh Khalid bin Abdullah Al-Khalifa, deputy prime minister of Bahrain, who applauded GFH for its commitment to finishing the project and achieving the further transfer of units to owners. 

The “Harbor Heights” name has been selected to better capture the landmark development’s prime harbor location and in line with the significant enhancements that continue to be made to the project, bringing its value proposition and market positioning to new “heights.” 

With the upgrades made to the development, “Harbor Heights” is set to emerge as one of Bahrain’s most advanced, luxury mixed-use residential, retail, hospitality and leisure complexes. The property is spread across 35,900 square meters, featuring a built-up area of more than 250,000 square meters. 

Harbor Heights includes five main elements namely: The Three Twisting Towers, Lifestyle Apartments, Terraced Villas, Terraced Podium and Sky Villas. Featuring advanced engineering and architectural designs, the project consists of one- to five-bedroom apartments. Some of the key facilities include a super penthouse, health club and spa, swimming pools, manicured gardens and several recreational amenities. 

Shaikh Hamed Al-Khalifa, CEO of GFH Properties, said: “We’re extremely pleased to announce another major milestone for this iconic project and the unveiling of a new brand ‘Harbor Heights’ that better encapsulates the essence of this project and the world-class lifestyle destination that we are establishing. Already designed to the most exacting standards, we continue to make strong enhancements to the project ensuring the delivery of Bahrain’s most luxurious, dynamic and sought-after residences and retail and hospitality complex.

“With over 150 residential units handed over in the completed Tower B, we continue to show our commitment to delivering value to buyers, investors and our partners. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the government of Bahrain and in particular Shaikh Khalid bin Abdullah Al-Khalifa and the Ministerial Committee for the Development and Infrastructure Projects for their tremendous support for the project and their efforts to help us bring to life another major center for business, leisure and tourism in the Kingdom.” 

Show apartments, which have been upgraded and furnished,, are ready to view with a limited number of units still available to purchase with GFH’s 5-year payment plan.

GFH Properties is a specialist real estate developer currently managing up to $1 billion worth of end project value. The company has a portfolio of multiple landmark projects known for innovation.

Work progresses as planned on Makkah’s Masar project

Updated 08 July 2020

Work progresses as planned on Makkah’s Masar project

Umm Alqura for Development and Construction (UAQ) — the owner and developer of the Masar destination in Makkah — has confirmed that work is underway to complete the remainder of the infrastructure phase for the project.

It features King Abdul Aziz Road as its core component and is being brought to life under the slogan “Dedicated to Makkah.”

The company began the infrastructure work after completing the preliminary stage, which included the inventory and demolition of properties in the six unplanned neighborhoods of Al-Hafayer, Al-Hindawiyyah, Al-Tandabawy, Mansour Street, Jabal Ghurab, Al-Raseefa, and Al-Zahareen.

Before the work began, property treatment procedures were finalized with the owners of around 4,000 residences in these neighborhoods.

Yasser Abuateek, CEO of UAQ, noted that Masar would be a vital and distinguished addition to Makkah, as it aims to become a modern landmark and an advanced cultural destination.

“We are looking forward to cooperating with investors and companies in the destination, which will set new standards by establishing an integrated development structure and providing investment opportunities.

“Masar will play an active role in diversifying economic activity and promoting Makkah’s position as a modern developed city. In addition, it will contribute to fulfilling the objectives of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 by increasing the number of pilgrims to 30 million by the year 2030.”

The infrastructure phase of Masar comprises several key elements, including pedestrian underpasses and service tunnels 3,650 meters long and 320 meters wide over an area of 1.25 million square meters.

This will be complemented by a rapid transit bus network and the  Makkah Metro as well as car parks and bridges, connecting the destination to the western entrance of Makkah. Seventy-one percent of the bridge work has been completed with construction progressing as planned.

Meanwhile, the pouring and building of concrete blocks for the Makkah Metro Tunnel is 99.8 percent completed. The construction of Makkah Metro Station A has been 96.99 percent completed, which includes lines A and B as well as the Abdullah Areef Road Tunnel.

The infrastructure work for Makkah Metro Line B near the King Abdullah Mosque has reached 85 percent, including construction on the Mansour Road Tunnel.

Abuateek stressed that the infrastructure features an underground utility gallery dedicated to electricity, communication, sewage, district cooling, and solid waste management system services. This is to ensure that the area is prepared for development.

UAQ has devoted attention to safety, sustainability, and the preservation of Makkah’s natural environment. The company has handled the destination’s environmental elements with professionalism, particularly groundwater.