Newly opened concept boutique shines spotlight on Arab brands

UAE brand Zayan the Label can be found at the new concept store. Supplied
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Updated 15 July 2020

Newly opened concept boutique shines spotlight on Arab brands

  • Fashion talent from across the Arab world congregates under one roof at Gigi in Dubai’s new Galleria Mall Al-Barsha

DUBAI: Customers stepping inside Gigi, an expansive new concept store in Dubai’s Galleria Mall Al-Barsha, will be hard-pressed not to be instantly mesmerized.

A series of interlocking spaces with elegant golden mesh separating screens showcase some of the Middle East’s most prominent up-and-coming fashion, jewelry, and design brands.

The boutique also hosts a Home Bakery coffee bar, an art exhibition area, workshops, fashion presentations, and a current display of artworks by the city’s Ayyam Gallery.

The boutique also hosts a current display of artworks by the city’s Ayyam Gallery. Supplied

Gigi had originally planned to launch in March, but due to the introduction of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) precautionary measures in the UAE, the store’s official opening had to wait until the end of May. Even then, it took place under strict health and safety protocols with an option for at-home personal shopping, although it is now open at regular operating hours.

“I really believe in the talent behind the designers and brands from our region and with the launch of Gigi, wanted to offer them a stage where their collections will always be the stars,” founder, Zeina Ladki, told Arab News.

“It’s a place where they can express their creativity and garner a stronger voice beyond the Middle East.”

Ladki, who has extensive knowledge of the region’s fashion scene having previously worked at Al-Tayer as a buyer, believes that supporting Middle Eastern fashion brands is a way to further grow the market.

Shoppers can also find Culti's aromatic oils at the boutique. Supplied

Featured brands in fashion, jewelry, beauty, art, and interior design include ready-to-wear labels such as Mrs. Keepa, Jessica K, Rania’s Corner, Zayan the Label, Free Being, Cocobum, Simply Sue, Kaftish Kaftans, Posearazzi, Collage by Fashion Exclusive that includes Iam Mai, Beige, and Twisted Roots.

Iconic jewelry brands include Bil Arabi, Dina J., Gendr, Atelier Nawbar, Lina Rai, and Ghada El-Sokkari.

“I was contracted by (H&H Investment and Development) to curate a concept store that is focused on local talents in the region. We wanted it to go beyond fashion and include a space for events and an espresso bar,” Ladki said.

Everything was set for the opening party in March until the COVID-19 outbreak. “We decided that we would launch no matter what even if the situation is as is, and we did it, of course with precautions,” she added.

Ladki hopes to open the store’s activation space, an area set to host a wide variety of fashion, art, and design events, next week.

Gigi is planning a full calendar of events comprising workshops and tutorials spanning a diverse range of topics on fashion, beauty, art, and design. There is also a photography wall by Dubai-based photographer, Ali Bin Thalith, who is well-known for his underwater photography.

Beyond a retail outlet, Gigi offers a space for creative collaboration and community development. “Our concept allows brands to operate individually under their own unique identity but be supported by one collaborative creative effort, Gigi,” said Miltos Bossinis, CEO of H&H Investment and Development.

Gigi, the concept’s name, is an easy, fun, and trendy name to remember, said Ladki, who added: “Gigi is a persona that can be anything and go anywhere; it’s a free-spirited woman.”

Sarah’s Bag is among the brands sold at the new boutique. Supplied

A quick walk around Gigi, and visitors will also notice a variety of objects and furniture pieces by regional designers, including Khalid Shafar, Talata, and multi-brand lifestyle concept Cities. There is also a collection of unconventional handbag brands and accessories, including PHOXX, Sarah’s Bag, SOA bags, and Chato Accessories.

Gigi even had Lebanese fashion designer, Lama Jouni, design outfits for the store’s staff.

During the difficult economic times created by the COVID-19 pandemic, regional designers need more support than ever. Ladki plans to establish a “formula for young designers needing exposure to come and show their collections at Gigi from two to three weeks or even on a monthly basis.”

Atelier Nawbar jewelry. Supplied

Nadine Kanso, an artist and founder of Bil Arabi jewelry, said: “It’s beautiful to be here. It’s also a great exercise for us to get to know our clients in a shared space and also see if in the future we want to have our own standalone boutique.”

Egyptian-French designer, Mariam Yehia, who is also the founder of ready-to-wear brand Mrs. Keepa that has standalone stores in Nakheel Mall and Dubai Design District, said: “Every one of our stores has its own story and clientele but Gigi allows us to better access local clientele.

“I have Saudi and Kuwaiti customers and clients from all of the MENA region and also e-commerce from the European and American market, but I’ve never had many clients from the Emirati market and Gigi is the perfect platform for this.”

‘Once it’s gone, it’s gone’: Edgy new abaya label sparks demand with limited drops

Updated 19 September 2020

‘Once it’s gone, it’s gone’: Edgy new abaya label sparks demand with limited drops

DUBAI: If one were to describe The Cap Project’s designs in a few words, “a mix of couture and streetwear” would be most fitting. Equal parts luxurious and edgy, the Dubai-based label is not your average abaya brand.

Founded in 2017 by an anonymous local design duo hailing from the UAE, the rising brand is coveted for its modern take on the Emirati woman’s sartorial staple by way of deconstructed tailoring, oversized silhouettes and a vibrant color palette, making it anything but the traditional black abaya.  

The womenswear brand was born after the designer’s couldn’t find what they were looking for in the market. Supplied

Like many fashion lines,  the contemporary womenswear brand was born after the designer’s couldn’t find what they were looking for in the market. So, they decided to make it. “Our designs are basically pieces that we would want to be seen in,” explained one half of the design duo, who choose to remain anonymous, to Arab News. 

This translates into comfortable, day-friendly abayas and luxurious chiffon overlays with matching shaylas that are perfect for nighttime with a little jewelry and the right pair of heels. 

Meanwhile, the brand’s newest collection for September 2020 has more of a utilitarian feel to it. Think buckles, oversized pockets, military green colorways and magnetic closures. “We like to push the envelope in terms of our designs,” stated the reclusive designer.

The Cap Project draws its name from its unique “capping” business model. Supplied

However, not everyone can get their hands on the brand’s highly-sought-after pieces.  

In fact, The Cap Project draws its name from its unique “capping” business model, which is a retail concept that entails producing limited pieces for purchase. The brand, which takes orders through Whatsapp, has an Instagram Stories highlights dedicated solely to the items that have been “capped” so that their clients know what’s out of stock. 

The drops are limited to pieces of three, six and eleven. Supplied

The idea, the designer explains, is that they “just want girls to feel like they have something exclusive and that’s just for them.”

It’s also an ethical component of the brand. The drops are limited to pieces of three, six and eleven, reducing waste and increasing personalization.  

And once an item is out of stock, even if there’s a demand, the designers will not produce more. Or, in the creative designer’s words: “Once it’s gone, it’s gone.”