Boehringer Ingelheim hosts health care summit

The online summit, organized by Boehringer Ingelheim — a pharmaceutical company — utilized virtual technology to create a live environment for health care professionals to share their experiences.
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Updated 25 August 2020

Boehringer Ingelheim hosts health care summit

Boehringer Ingelheim brought together 3,000 health care professionals in Saudi Arabia this week to a virtual deep dive into the latest evidence-based updates in the therapeutic areas of diabetes, cardio-metabolism, respiratory diseases, and stroke management.

The online summit, organized by Boehringer Ingelheim — a pharmaceutical company — utilized virtual technology to create a live environment for health care professionals to share their experiences. Cardiologists, endocrinologists, neurologists, and other experts registered at the virtual reception and walked through the hall before choosing their preferred conference room in a unique digital experience.

Cardiovascular disease (CVD), which accounts for almost 36 percent of all annual deaths in Saudi Arabia, was one of the primary topics discussed at the conference, with a special focus on the link between cardiovascular complications and the new classes of oral antidiabetic drugs.

The implementation of telemedicine in stroke care was discussed while with respect to respiratory diseases, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) was underscored, currently prevalent among 2.4 percent of the general population and 14.2 percent among smokers over 40 years of age, with cases expected to increase.

“Digitization is fundamentally changing the pharmaceutical industry and we at Boehringer Ingelheim are embracing its role as an intrinsic part of our business development,” said Waleed Mashak, general manager and head of Human Pharma at Boehringer Ingelheim Saudi Arabia. “We are delighted to be organizing digital events of quality in the Kingdom, to deliver on our promise of providing health care professionals throughout the COVID-19 pandemic with continuous and uninterrupted updates on the latest medical and scientific evidence in different medical fields, which will undoubtedly be of great benefit for the patients of Saudi Arabia.”

“Summits such as these are vital as they allow the exchange of knowledge and provide the opportunity for health care professionals to share best practices with one another and keep up-to-date on the latest information and findings,” said Dr. Hussein Elbadawi, consultant endocrinologist at My Clinic International Center Jeddah.

The summit was held in collaboration with the Saudi Heart Association, Saudi Scientific Diabetes Society, Saudi Stroke Society, and Saudi Society of Internal Medicine.

Dr. Saeed Alghamdi, consultant stroke and cerebrovascular diseases neurologist and president of the Saudi Stroke Society, said: “Through this multi-therapeutic event, health care professionals from across the Kingdom were able to gain valuable and reliable information, which will ultimately benefit Saudi Arabia’s health care offering. It was especially insightful with regards to the field of stroke and neurology given that the occurrence of strokes is considered a major challenge to the health care system in Saudi Arabia, with the incidence rate of first-time stroke standing at 57.64 per 100,000.”

The summit is one of a series of virtual events launched by Boehringer Ingelheim in the region as part of its commitment to providing a continuous source of reliable education for health care professionals specializing in various disease areas and focuses.

Hyatt Regency Riyadh bags global hygiene accreditation

Updated 22 October 2020

Hyatt Regency Riyadh bags global hygiene accreditation

Hyatt Regency Riyadh Olaya has become the first hotel in Saudi Arabia and one of the first hotels in the Middle East to be accredited by Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC) STAR in September. GBAC is the gold standard for prepared facilities, and the accreditation further enhances the operational guidance and resources around colleague and guest safety at the hotel.

The accreditation builds on the Hyatt brand’s existing rigorous protocols, colleague training, support resources and a cross-functional working group of medical experts and industry professionals that contribute to various aspects of the hotel experience. Under the guidance of GBAC, a division of ISSA, the worldwide cleaning industry association, Hyatt Regency Riyadh Olaya has implemented the most stringent protocols for cleaning, disinfection and infectious disease prevention in its facility.

“The world as we knew it has been changed by COVID-19, and when our guests are ready to travel again, we want to ensure them that they can feel confident that each aspect of our commitment is designed with their safety in mind, and that we’re putting their well-being first,” said Walid El-Awadly, general manager. “To do this, we must critically examine the hotel experience from every vantage point and think about what matters the most from our guests’ point of view — from rooms and lobby to spa and dining — bringing in the latest research, technology and innovations to make that happen. The GBAC accreditation is an important hygiene and cleanliness milestone, marking our purpose to care for people so they can be their best — always.”

The hotel received its GBAC STAR accreditation through a performance-based cleaning, disinfection and infectious disease prevention program that focuses on establishing that the hotel environment is sanitary, safe and healthy. 

“GBAC STAR accreditation empowers facility owners and managers to assure workers, customers and key stakeholders that they have proven systems in place to maintain clean and healthy environments,” said GBAC Executive Director Patricia Olinger. “By taking this important step to pursue GBAC STAR, Hyatt Regency Riyadh Olaya has received third-party validation that it follows strict protocols for biorisk situations, thereby demonstrating its preparedness and commitment to operating safely,” she added. Furthermore, the hotel intends to complement this accreditation with regular internal and third-party auditing. 

Composed of international leaders in the field of microbial-pathogenic threat analysis, mitigation, response, and recovery, the GBAC provides training, guidance, accreditation, certification, crisis management assistance, and leadership to government, commercial and private entities looking to mitigate, quickly address, and/or recover from biological threats and real-time crises. 

As the cleaning industry’s only outbreak prevention, response and recovery accreditation, GBAC STAR helps organizations establish protocols and procedures, offers expert-led training and assesses a facility’s readiness for biorisk situations. 

The program verifies that Hyatt Regency Riyadh Olaya implements best practices to prepare for, respond to and recover from outbreaks and pandemics.