Where We Are Going Today: Coffee Warehouse

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Updated 05 September 2020

Where We Are Going Today: Coffee Warehouse

  • The cafe sells its own-brand roasted coffee beans for you to enjoy at home, along with coffee-making accessories and a range of snacks

If you are a coffee connoisseur looking for a quiet, interesting cafe in Dammam that offers exquisite tastes, the Coffee Warehouse is just the place.
There is nothing like the smell of the freshly roasted coffee beans, and that is the first thing you notice when you arrive. The decor, inspired by the look of 19th-century European and American coffee warehouses, is just as distinctive.
It also features a collage art project depicting the history of coffee. Combining art with information, it was created by Saudi artist Hajer Al-Ibrahim following exhaustive research into the subject.
Coffee is the main focus here, of course, and there are many options to choose from. Fans of iced coffee who like a big shot of caffeine should try the cold brew, which has a perfectly balanced taste and will quench your thirst during the hot summer months. Enjoy it in the cafe or grab one to go in an interestingly shaped glass bottle.
The cafe also sells its own-brand roasted coffee beans for you to enjoy at home, along with coffee-making accessories and a range of snacks, including croissants, salads, sandwiches and cakes. The cafe is spread over two floors, so there is plenty of space to relax and enjoy your coffee — the second floor is a great spot to work or study.

Dubai gets a taste of kosher

Updated 18 September 2020

Dubai gets a taste of kosher

  • The Habtoor Group has partnered with Elli’s Kosher Kitchen to become the first UAE hotel operator to offer kosher meals

When Elli Kriel moved to Dubai from South Africa eight years ago, she was determined to maintain her family’s kosher Jewish diet and quickly sought out shops serving kosher products in the city.

“At the time we thought we were the only family that kept a kosher diet, but when word got out that we were a kosher family living in Dubai, many Jews who were traveling to the UAE would contact me for food,” Kriel told Arab News.

“I started sending food out from my home to help Jewish travelers and as the community started growing so, too, did the need for more kosher food.”

In 2018, a group of rabbis arrived in Dubai for an interfaith conference and the organizer called Kriel in a panic not knowing how to feed them. Once again, she cooked and prepared kosher meals for the numerous attendees.

“At the time the idea of kosher food outside the Jewish community was strange — something unknown,” said Kriel.

After the conference, word of her services spread quickly, and she received requests from hotel managers, concierges and others who needed to serve food to Jewish guests. In 2019, Elli’s Kosher Kitchen was born.

With the UAE normalizing ties with Israel, a number of hotels and restaurants across the emirate have begun preparations to introduce kosher food and beverages. The first is the Habtoor Group, which will offer kosher meals at several of its hotels, including the Hilton Dubai.

Habtoor Hospitality has partnered with Elli’s Kosher Kitchen.

“There has been great demand since the normalization process with Israel started, and we have had several requests for groups that require kosher food, as well as from tourists from Israel and other parts of the world who would like to visit the UAE now,” Fredrik Reinisch, general manager at Hilton Dubai Al Habtoor City, told Arab News.

Hotels offering kosher catering will include Hilton Dubai, V Hotel, Habtoor Palace Dubai, LXR Hotel and Resorts, Habtoor Grand Resort, Autograph Collection LLC, Metropolitan Hotel and Habtoor Polo Resort.

“Kosher food is prepared in accordance with religious laws, the laws of the Jewish religion,” said Kriel. “It has to have kosher ingredients, follow specific methods of cooking and be served in a particular way. But it also applies to the way in which you eat the food. The basic principle is not to mix any dairy or meat products.”

Kriel ensures that all meals are prepared in accordance with OU kosher certification (Orthodox Union), believed to be the most trusted form of certification globally.

Guests with specific kosher preferences will also be able to choose from tailored menus. Meals will be packaged and sealed with an OU certified stamp.

Kosher food is similar to the concept of halal food, which adheres to Islamic law and follows religious rules in production, service and consumption.