What We Are Buying Today: La Creation

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Updated 19 September 2020

What We Are Buying Today: La Creation

When it comes to helping make memories last forever La Creation has carved out a market with a difference — for personalized wooden sculptures.
The international shop, available in Riyadh, Denver in the US, and Sheffield in England, produces handmade dolls as constant reminders of special occasions in a person’s life.
The wooden characters, which can be modeled on any individual with a choice of outfit, colors, body pose, and size, can be mounted on a wooden board for home decoration, desk nameplates, to mark the arrival of a baby, and for a host of other events.
The frames offer a way to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, hobbies, professions, sport, family members, or a graduation day, and captions can also be added.
La Creation also produces wooden boxes branded with a person’s name in 3-D which can be requested in Arabic or English.
Customers can choose the background to their memory board — which comes in three sizes — from a standard set or by using their own images.

Egyptian short film wins Cannes’ Palme d’Or

Updated 30 October 2020

Egyptian short film wins Cannes’ Palme d’Or

DUBAI: Egyptian director Sameh Alaa’s movie “I Am Afraid to Forget Your Face” has won the coveted Palme d’Or in the Cannes Film Festival’s short-film competition. 

Starring Seif Eldin Hemida and Nourhan Ali Abdelazez, the 15-minute movie tells the story of a man who undertakes a difficult journey after two months of separation in the hope of a reunion. It was the only Arab film selected to compete for the prestigious prize. 

The festival congratulated the director in an online post on Thursday, writing: “Tonight he won the short-film Palme d’Or 2020. Congratulations to Egyptian director Sameh Alaa.”

“I Am Afraid to Forget Your Face” was selected along with 10 other shorts. 

The movie been selected among 10 other shorts. (Supplied)

The film was up against “Blue Fear” by Marie Jacotey and Lola Halifa-Legrand; the Evi Kalogiropoulou-directed “Motorway65”; “Sudden Light” from Sophie Littman; “Son of Sodom” by Theo Montaya; Paul Nouhet’s “Camille Contactless”; and “Benjamin, Benny, Ben” from Paul Shkordoff, among others. 

The 11 shorts were selected from a total of 3,810 films from 137 countries, the festival said on its website.

“I Am Afraid to Forget Your Face” is the first Egyptian film to be nominated and to win the award.