The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: A celebration

24 September 2020
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Updated 24 September 2020

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: A celebration

Sept. 23 marked the 90th anniversary of the foundation of the Kingdom by King Abdul Aziz Al-Saud.

Since then the Royal House of Al-Saud has built on his vision of a fusion of the leaders and the people to create a prosperous, well-governed land where the value of each citizen remains supreme.

The Kingdom now has a framework for spreading the blessings of justice and equality, rejecting violence and extremism, and fostering science and knowledge, to achieve political, social, and economic security among the nations.

Saudi Arabia has become a model of how to achieve a high quality of life and well-being.

Inspired by its past, the new generation — the children of the electronic and technological age — leads the present, looks to the future, and accepts its responsibility for preserving our tremendous gains as a foundation for further national prosperity.

Led by King Salman and the ambitious hopes of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the Vision 2030 reform plan has impacted hugely on our nation’s strategic thinking and energized its growth.

Nowhere is this more clearly seen than in the achievements in caring for the Two Holy Mosques, in Makkah and Madinah, which are so close to the hearts of Muslims worldwide.

The Kingdom has won universal admiration for its organization of the 2020 Hajj despite the traumatic coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic. So blessed was the Kingdom that it achieved the highest standards of public health and safety to protect the pilgrims enabling no cases of COVID-19 to be reported.

The Kingdom has spared no effort to place its young men and women at the heart of its priorities. They are the nation’s future and its true, unlimited wealth. They have access to the best advanced scientific and knowledge resources at home and abroad through a network of schools and universities that advances the scientific education of teachers and students alike.

Our country has used its wealth to provide scholarships to access world-leading sources of science and technology so that, on returning, our students can enrich their homeland.

The Kingdom believes in the role of women in achieving sustainable development and wishes them to perform their roles with distinction. Making up half our nation, they have proved capable and skillful in politics, science, and education and contributed hugely to our determined progress toward economic growth through our mega-investment projects that achieve sustainable development and transform society for the better.

Following its laws and customs, the Kingdom has always strived for human well-being. Today, it offers a path through which its citizens can encounter other cultures and knowledge and, in turn, contribute our insights to create an eternal heritage.

The state must be able to protect its citizens against challenges and dangers. Saudi Arabia will preserve the security and stability of the homeland. It will harness all its capabilities to keep pace with developments in world-leading advanced defense systems, equipment, and resources.

The military follows world-class training programs to ensure our forces are ready to keep the homeland safe, secure, and stable.

The prosperity that the Kingdom is witnessing today allows it to assume its rightful place in the world and at the forefront of the Arab, Islamic, regional, and global political scene, confirming its influential decisions, its insightful views, its commanding power, its correct vision, and its concern for the security and stability of countries and peoples everywhere.

Saudi Arabia leads in resolving and defusing the crises which threaten the globe.

Our 90th National Day has been welcomed with joyful hearts and souls proud in belonging to this lofty nation with its dear king and faithful crown prince.

Dr. Nasser Nafee Albarraq is head of the journalism and online publishing department at the College of Media and Communication at Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University, in Riyadh