Saudi Arabia announces 30 more deaths from COVID-19

Saudi Arabia announced 30 more deaths from the coronavirus and 461 new cases of the disease on Saturday. (SPA)
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Updated 27 September 2020

Saudi Arabia announces 30 more deaths from COVID-19

  • Recovery rate from the virus currently at 95%
  • A total of 4,655 people have succumbed to the virus in the Kingdom so far

JEDDAH: Saudi Arabia continued its successful retreat in daily confirmed cases of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) as it surpassed the 95 percent recovery rate mark.

The Ministry of Health confirmed 461 new cases on Saturday, raising the number of infections to 332,790 cases so far, with 769 new recoveries, raising the total number of recoveries to 316,405.
The recovery rate is calculated by considering the total number of discharged patients against the total number of COVID-19 positive patients recovering.
Of Saturday’s confirmed cases, 62 percent were male. Adults made up 84 percent of cases, children 11 percent and seniors 5 percent.
The Kingdom maintained its 30-40 average daily death count with 30 new deaths on Saturday, raising the total death toll to 4,655 deaths.
Saudi Arabia is recording 133 deaths per million according to, a reference website that provides global COVID-19 statistics, ranking it 55th worldwide.


• The Ministry of Health confirmed 461 new cases on Saturday.

• A total of 769 more people recovered from COVID-19.

• Saudi Arabia is recording 133 deaths per million according to

• New features added to Tawakkalna app.

There are currently 11,730 active cases in the Kingdom, 1,035 of which are critical. So far, 38,528 new polymerase chain reaction tests have been conducted in the Kingdom over the past 24-hours, raising the total number of tests to 6.31 million.
New updated features were added to Saudi Arabia’s Tawakkalna app, with five new services that aim to contribute to meeting the needs of users. The new update includes a comprehensive database with basic user information, in addition to data on driving licenses, passports, traffic violations.
The updated version also includes educational services where parents can access information about their children’s educational status, and Madrasati platform information, with users also able to check on dependents and sponsors.
Users can now book a COVID-19 test, cancel test appointments and view their test results and those of their dependents.
They can also be notified of government document expiration dates, and receive alerts and reminders about personal documents in addition to general national alerts.
Tawakkalna, an app developed by the National Information Center and launched last April, has surpassed 7 million users in the past four months since its launch in April.

Civil Defense teams battle Jabal Ghulamah blaze

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Civil Defense teams battle Jabal Ghulamah blaze

MAKKAH: Teams from Saudi Civil Defense are tackling a fire that broke out in the Ghulamah Mountains in Tanuma governorate, north of Asir on Wednesday night and have the blaze under control, according to a spokesman.

“The fire spread in the bushes and rugged forests due to the fast winds, but the teams were able to cordon off the area,” said captain Mohammed Al-Sayyed, Civil Defense spokesman in the Asir region, adding that no injuries were reported and the fire did not spread to residential areas.

Al-Sayyed said the fire began due to an “accident,” and was in a “very rugged area,” making it difficult to bring in machinery, so the fire was tackled by teams on foot.

The operation was carried out under the direct supervision of the Asir governor with the participation of all government and civil services, as well as teams from Al-Namas and Tanuma governorates.

He pointed out that the rapid intervention teams were deployed in areas close to residential neighborhoods in case the fire spread.

“No field hospital or precautionary measures were needed, as only one house was evacuated in Al-Dhahara village,” said Al-Sayyed, adding that housing units had been set up in a unified field command center for emergency teams arriving from outside the province.

The joint operations room monitored the traffic situation on the road adjacent to the fire, which links the governorates of Namas and Tanuma.

A number of businessmen in Tanuma have offered aid to families affected by the fire.

A member of the Hiking Asir volunteer team, Abdul Rahman Mesfer, told Arab News that an increase in wind speed after 9 p.m. on Wednesday amplified the intensity of the fire, which consequently changed course and spread.

“The efforts exerted by various government entities were great and reconnaissance aircraft established the extent of the fire,” he said. “Meanwhile, the foot teams cordoned off the flames and backup teams from the electricity company and support teams from the telecommunications companies were also present if needed.” He estimated that 85 percent of the fire was now under control.

“The fire has destroyed tens of thousands of perennial trees — including wild olives, neems, junipers and acacias — some of which are over 50 years old,” Mesfer added.