What We Are Buying Today: Mayassem

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Updated 24 October 2020

What We Are Buying Today: Mayassem

Start the day off with a fresh scented soap to make your morning perfectly splendid. Mayassem is a Saudi brand for handcrafted soap bars, inspired by a love of nature.
Manufactured soaps usually come with the familiar scents and colors but Mayassem’s calming smell and marbly, sparkly look is really appealing. Most importantly, their soaps are made of 100 percent organic ingredients, including high-quality oils, clay and butter.
The colors used in the soaps are extracted from natural ingredients, such as turmeric, coffee, and moringa to give orange, brown, and green. The soaps are beautifully topped with bath spa salt, rose  petals, and herbs.
Satisfying all the senses, the texture of the soap is very soft on the hands. The soaps are available in a wide range of fragrances that are seasonal or limited editions, including citrus, fruit, musk, cardamom, oud, lavender, floral and more.
The signature soap is their avocado, made of avocado, aloe vera, camel milk, honey, turmeric, oats and walnut shell powder. It leaves your skin well moisturized, clean, and naturally scented — it is so good it is almost edible.
They even have a vegan collection, but all their other soaps contain honey, camel milk or homemade yogurt, in addition to the organic oils that give you a great natural moisturization. For more information visit Instagram @mayassem_suds


Jessica Kahawaty strikes a pose in Valentino campaign

Lebanese-Australian model Jessica Kahawaty also recently launched her own F&B concept. (File/ Getty Images)
Updated 28 November 2020

Jessica Kahawaty strikes a pose in Valentino campaign

DUBAI: Lebanese-Australian model Jessica Kahawaty has joined regional stars in promoting Valentino’s latest fragrance, Voce Viva, taking to social media as part of the #myvoicemystrength campaign.

Kahawaty is featured alongside fashion gurus Laila Abdallah and Leena Al-Ghouti, who also took part in the campaign with their own posts and videos on Instagram.

The Lebanese-Australian influencer posted a photo over the weekend in which she can be seen clutching the fragrance while sporting a peach sequined gown against the backdrop of a blue sky dotted with clouds. She captioned the post, “Voce Viva means to do something aloud for all to hear. Sometimes we think of our dreams, we write them down but what’s most important is saying them out loud for the universe to hear.”

Earlier in November, Kahawaty gave perfume lovers insight into the fragrance’s key notes, writing, “My voice takes on many forms: Serious, dreamy, funny... but most importantly, it always makes an impact. Meet Voce Viva fragrance with notes of orange blossom, mandarin and vanilla.”

UAE-based Palestinian-Canadian influencer Al-Ghouti took to Instagram earlier in November with a video to promote the new scent. In it, she poses with the cubic bottle against a background of foliage and rocks while wearing a monochrome outfit, complete with a black hijab.

“What does your voice mean to you?” Lebanese actress Abdallah asked in her caption, posted alongside a photo with an equally lush backdrop. In it, she poses in a sheer tulle top laid over an ochre slip.

Besides taking part in the campaign, Dubai-based Kahawaty has had a busy few months jetting to London for a fashion shoot earlier this fall and launching her own food and beverage concept with her mother in September.

Titled Mama Rita, the new service is a food delivery venture that focuses on healthy, home-cooked meals that her mother, Rita, specializes in, and which she routinely shares on social media. 

“I just want to bring my mother’s passion to life. Her food is incredible, and I want the world to try it for themselves,” said the 32-year-old in conversation with Vogue Arabia. 

“For years and years, everyone has been pleading with me to do something with my food—a cookbook, a show, a restaurant, anything! I love cooking for my friends and family as well as sharing new recipes,” said the model’s mother Rita, adding to her daughter’s statement. 

Jessica handles the logistics of the company, focusing on branding, content, photography, procuring, copywriting and website design. 

As an activist and UNICEF ambassador, Kahawaty’s new venture launched with a philanthropic element, with 100% of Mama Rita’s profits from the first two weeks going to victims of the Beirut explosion.