KAPSARC president Adam Sieminski praises Saudi Arabia’s ‘5-star’ vaccination process

Adam Sieminski said the vaccination process in Saudi Arabia was 'extremely smooth.' (CIC)
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Updated 15 January 2021

KAPSARC president Adam Sieminski praises Saudi Arabia’s ‘5-star’ vaccination process

KAPSARC president Adam Sieminski praises Saudi Arabia’s ‘5-star’ vaccination process
  • Sieminski said the instructions from Sehaty app were 'excellent'
  • Process gave him confidence in Saudi Arabia's overall handling of the pandemic

RIYADH: The president of the King Abdullah Petroleum Studies & Research Center (KAPSARC) has praised Saudi Arabia’s inoculation campaign after he received his vaccine.

American Adam Sieminski, who is in his 70s, received his job at a health ministry vaccination center.

In a video published by Saudi Arabia’s Center for International Communication, the energy specialist said he used the Sehaty app to register for the vaccine on a Sunday and was able to book an appointment on the following Thursday. His wife, Laurie, booked hers for the Tuesday.

“It was extremely smooth, the application worked perfectly,” Sieminski, who took up his role at  KAPSARC in 2018, said. “The instructions for how to proceed were excellent,” he added.

The video shows Sieminski entering the center and receiving the jab in his left arm. He said the smoothness of the process mirrored the way in which the Kingdom has handled the pandemic, particularly when compared to other countries.

“The way that the Kingdom has handled the coronavirus problems has really been good compared to many other countries,” Sieminski said. “For example in Washington, some people have had to wait for a long time to get an appointment, waiting at the doctor’s office to get a shot.

“All of this has given me a really high level of confidence about how the corona has been handled in Saudi Arabia.”

Sieminski said he would give the process a five star rating and said he was actually looking forward to returning for his second shot in three weeks.

Saudi Arabia started its inoculation campaign on Dec. 17 and was the first Arab country to use the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.

Some 178,338 people have received the jab as of Monday.

The Kingdom has pledged to provide the vaccine free to both nationals and expats alike.

The number of confirmed cases in the Kingdom has steadily declined since peaking in mid-June.

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