Young, ambitious and daring: KSA launches 11 initiatives and projects in 90 days

Young, ambitious and daring: KSA launches 11 initiatives and projects in 90 days

Young, ambitious and daring: KSA launches 11 initiatives and projects in 90 days
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The young, ambitious, proactive and daring Saudi Arabia launched 11 initiatives and projects in 90 days during the months of January, February and March, in accordance with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 goals and strategies.

Saudi Arabia is ahead of the curve, as each of these projects and initiatives could take years for some other major economies to adopt.

The announcements started with the spectacular “The Line” project and ended with the “Partner” program at the end of March. Other initiatives and projects include the Public Investment Fund strategy, Riyadh strategy, the Coral Bloom project, the Made in Saudi Arabia program, the Al-Soudah development project, the privatization program, the Green Saudi initiative and the Green Middle East initiative.

These initiatives and projects will send hope and optimism to the next generation of Saudis, and will focus on delivering a prosperous future through major social, cultural, tourism and economic transformation.

The Kingdom has an ambitious vision to transform itself from an oil-dependent economy to a non-oil economy with sustainable returns that maintain quality and are cost efficient.

Riyadh’s strategy will drive forward its transformation into one of the world’s 10 largest city economies. The Saudi “Partner” program will provide business support to major companies to accelerate their business, projects and investments in the Kingdom.

The launch of the “Made in Saudi” program will build a platform for an ambitious industrial renaissance, where industries can compete locally and globally, and strengthen the Saudi Vision 2030 to create jobs and elevate the Kingdom’s industrial sector to new global horizons.

The program will give the Saudi economy greater opportunities for growth and vitality, reduce dependence on oil, become a catalyst for the growth of the Saudi industrial sector, and help make Saudi products the preferred choice for consumers both locally and globally.

The Al-Souda development project will be a global mountain tourism landmark that will compete with similar global destinations. It will constitute a qualitative leap for the Kingdom and the region. The project will leverage its wonderful nature, rich heritage sites, and give visitors the opportunity to discover the region’s deep culture and history.

Designs for Coral Bloom demonstrate an immersive experience, allowing guests to enjoy nature-inspired designs for the 11 unique resort islands on the Red Sea. The Saudi and Middle East Green Initiatives will plant billions of trees and invest in renewable energy.

• Faisal Faeq is an energy and oil marketing adviser. He was formerly with OPEC and Saudi Aramco.  Twitter:@faisalfaeq

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