quotes Why the hostility toward Saudi Arabia?

09 April 2021
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Updated 09 April 2021

Why the hostility toward Saudi Arabia?

The famous philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau once said: “The higher a person is, the more he is surrounded by clouds and ordeals.” What proves this saying is the repeated attempts by some people to tarnish the image of the Kingdom and its leaders before the countries of the world. The question is why have these attempts multiplied lately? In my opinion, because of the country’s achievements under the Saudi Arabia Vision 2030 and the reforms at all levels whether political, economic, social, educational, or cultural which were accomplished within a few years, saved us tens of years.

In spite of that, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman remained resilient like a mountain unshaken by storms of destructive criticism, for he has a noble vision that he seeks to achieve to develop the country and its citizens.

On the global front, the Crown Prince has called on supporting the oppressed and for peace and security in the Muslim and Arab countries. This includes the support to the brothers in the legitimate government of Yemen against the Houthis and their allies of the unjust Iranian hegemonic ambitions. The Crown Prince also helped mend fences between the presidents of Ethiopia and Eritrea after a long and bloody war, which lasted for more than 20 years.

He enjoys strong relations with the most powerful countries in the world, exchanging mutual benefits among states.

During the reign of Saudi Arabia's King Salman and the Crown Prince, the Kingdom ranked among the top 20 most powerful economies in the world, due to the prominent role that it plays in guaranteeing the stability of the oil global markets. The country produces 13 percent of the international oil output and has the capacity to confront any disturbance in international markets.

The Kingdom ranks fifth in the world, and first among the Arab world, in providing humanitarian aid. According to the UN Financial Tracking Service platform, Saudi Arabia’s total aid provided was around $1.3 billion.

On the terrorist front, the Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology (Etidal) in Riyadh was founded to combat extremism, ward it off, and strengthen tolerance and coexistence among the people.

The Kingdom has the fifth-largest sovereign wealth fund in the world, called the SAMA Foreign Holdings Fund of the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency, which attracts investments from foreign companies. An example would be the investment of Norway’s Government Pension Fund, the world’s biggest sovereign fund, in 37 Saudi companies.

The Kingdom no longer depends on oil as a sole source of income as special care has been given to non-oil exports like Industry, international trade, tourism, entertainment and others.

Saudi Arabia ranks 18th globally in volume gold reserves and is first in the Arab World.

According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Saudi Arabia progressed in 13 out of 16 indicators for e-learning activation. It ranked first in the Arab World and 22nd worldwide on the International Indicator for Artificial Intelligence and came in at the top in digital competitiveness at the level of the G20 group. The Kingdom is also considered the fastest growing country among the G20 group in terms of GDP growth and internet usage.

While the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic still lingers, Saudi Arabia ranked 17th out of 100 countries for safety and security against the virus.

The Saudi Arabian Army ranked first in the Gulf, second in the Arab World, fourth in the Middle East, and 17th in the world in terms of military might.

Furthermore, Saudi society is distinguished from other societies by the loyalty and love the citizens share for their leaders.

Reason is a blessing that distinguishes humans from other living creatures. So, whoever uses his reason in thinking and analysis would get answers to many questions that turn in his mind. That is why a rational person will not lend his mind to others so that they would formulate it the way they want.

• Dr. Mosaed Al-Bakhat has a Ph.D. in pedagogy, specialized in social control. He is a professional trainer and interested in learning development. He is also a journalist and author of many books related to education, social control, and contemporary issues. Twitter: @Mosaedalbakhat