Updated 19 April 2021
Arab News

Artists on show at the MENART Fair

Dinah Diwan (Lebanon), Wandering City #6, 2018. Supplied

MENART, a new boutique art fair devoted to showcasing Middle East and North African works, is launching next month in Paris. Scheduled to take place between May 27-30, MENART will feature work from 22 participating galleries hailing from over 13 different countries. 

  • Lulwah Al-Homoud

    Represented by Riyadh’s Mono Gallery, Al-Homoud is a pioneer in Saudi Arabia’s contemporary art movement. The award-winning artist is best known for her abstract work that draws together elements of language and Islamic art.

  • Etel Adnan

    A Syrian-American poet, essayist and visual artist. Adnan will showcase her 2016 painting “White Light.” The work will be available for purchase through Galleria Continua, which represents the artist.

  • Mohamed Hamidi

    The Moroccan painter is showcasing his work at La Galerie 38’s booth.

  • Atef Maatallah

    Born in Tunisia, the artist lives and works between Paris and Tunis. The artist, who is represented by El-Marsa Gallery, is known for his paintings and drawings that evoke the existence lived by people he encounters in his daily life.

  • Simone Fattal

    Represented by Galerie Tanit, Fattal is a Lebanese-American multi-media artist. Her work includes sculpture, non-figurative ceramic forms, paintings and collages. 

  • Zaid Shawwa

    The Jordanian painter is revered for his portraits and landscapes that utilize monochromatic shades of mainly charcoal as a medium.