quotes Sultan Haitham of Oman’s visit to the righteous and bountiful Saudi Arabia

11 July 2021
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Updated 11 July 2021

Sultan Haitham of Oman’s visit to the righteous and bountiful Saudi Arabia

King Salman gives at this time a generous and cordial reception to Oman’s Sultan Haitham bin Tariq Al-Said. Marked by warm and hearty friendliness, the visit, the most prominent Sultan Haitham has paid to a country since taking over power in Oman in January 2020, is famous and momentous, and sincerely and deeply felt by the peoples of the two nations, bringing forth great and lasting importance to both Saudis and Omanis.
While many countries around the world make strenuous and arduous efforts to achieve unity, harmony and consonance, there is no marvel that both Saudi Arabia and Oman, with this visit, prove that they are at a considerable distance from being at opposite extremes, asserting that both are in a condition of harmony and congruence, bringing about a concerted stand to meet challenges and confer prosperity and happiness upon their peoples. Happiness, according to Mahatma Gandhi, can only take place “when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony.”

The peoples of Saudi Arabia and Oman hold widespread expectations that the visit shall be fruitful ... They are hoping for the best out of this visit.

Dr. Musallam Al Ma’ani

The relationships between Saudi Arabia and Oman are to a great degree deep-rooted, extending back to the time of the late King Faisal and the late Sultan Qaboos. There are more common and intensely pleasant and agreeable grounds that combine, unite and strengthen the ties and bonds between them. This is derived from the Kingdom’s historical background and its conspicuous position with all its refined grace and dignified propriety, being the cradle and seedbed of Islamic civilization and the bosom of the Muslim’s holy places. The Kingdom has never kept itself separate from its Arab and Muslim matters, nor has it cleaved to its own business only. It has rather kept the matters of others within its range and sphere of influence and acted as an expanse of calm ocean to its fellow Muslims and friends in the region and beyond. That is why with all the changes that have taken place elsewhere, Saudis have never debased themselves by wrong, unworthy or vulgar acts toward those coming to their country, a matter that has always given them high regard in their status, esteem, quality and character.

• Dr. Musallam Al Ma’ani is the dean of Al-Zahra College for Women in Oman.