Updated 29 September 2021

6 speakers to attend Dubai’s TEDxAlQuoz

6 speakers to attend Dubai’s TEDxAlQuoz

TEDxAlQuoz is set to host its inaugural event in Dubai on Oct. 23, featuring UAE-based speakers and international performers. 

  • Amanda Rushforth 

    The sustainability advocate will discuss the consequences of plastic pollution and how people can live a plastic-free lifestyle. 

  • Dareen Barbar 

    The basketball player, who lost her leg to cancer at the age of 15, will take to the stage to share her message on how “disability is an extraordinary ability.” 

  • Arnaud Laviolette 

    A Mauritius native, Laviolette is a veteran wilderness survival instructor and mountain expeditions leader. He will talk about how to survive in nature while respecting and protecting the environment.

  • Josh McCartney 

    The experienced memory coach helps people learn and remember information in fractions of their time and boost cognitive abilities. During his talk, he will share the main principles to help people develop a mega memory.

  • Allaoua Gaham 

    The former entrepreneur, yoga instructor and martial arts expert will explain the negative impact of fear on the mind and body, and how to embrace them to make them your strongest allies. 

  • Waleed Shah 

    The award-winning photographer’s talk, “Toxic Beauty Standards,” will focus on how challenging society’s norms can free people from the “pressure to fit in.”