Most Influential Pan-Arab TV Presenters of 2021

Abdullah Al-Mudaifer

Abdullah Al-Mudaifer
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Updated 07 October 2021

Abdullah Al-Mudaifer

Abdullah Al-Mudaifer

Current occupation: Host of Rotana Khaleejiah’s Al-Soura (الصورة) and Al-Liwan (الليوان) 

Nationality: Saudi

Abdullah Al-Mudaifer is a Saudi TV presenter and columnist. Born in 1982 in the city of Buraidah, Al-Mudaifer has a bachelor’s degree in Sharia and law but has spent most of his career in the media sector. Known for his contemporary and unique style of presentation, Al-Mudaifer hosts the weekly program “Al-Soura” and the Ramadan program “Al Liwan” on Rotana Khaleejiah channel and Rotana FM radio.

Al-Mudaifer began his artistic career by directing, writing and starring in two religious films, which Saudi audiences considered exaggerated and somewhat extremist, especially given the complete absence of women and music from both films. He was also criticized for being subjective and for his boldness in raising sensitive issues in Saudi Arabia.

In 2013, his talk show “Fi Al-Sameem” was temporarily discontinued due to the controversy it caused in public opinion. Al-Mudaifer resumed the show in 2015 only for it to be permanently discontinued later that year after a controversial episode with Saudi preacher and lawyer Mohsen Al-Awaji.

However, Al-Mudaifer became one of the most important media professionals in the Gulf given his daring style of conversation and was anointed the third Saudi presenter to interview the Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman.

During the interview, the crown prince referred to Al-Mudaifer as “one of the best interviewers in Saudi Arabia and the Arab world.”