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Abdulrahman Abumalih

Abdulrahman Abumalih
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Updated 18 November 2021

Abdulrahman Abumalih

Abdulrahman Abumalih

Podcast: Fenjan

Nationality: Saudi

Abdulrahman Abumalih is a Saudi journalist, TV presenter, podcaster, CEO and editor-in-chief of Riyadh-based production company Thmanyah.

Abumalih is the host of Fenjan (or “coffee cup” in Arabic), a Middle East and North Africa-based podcast that discusses a wide range of topics pertaining to Saudi Arabia and the region. The show is known not to have a specific theme, instead presenting a variety of themes from literature to technology, languages to markets, and Middle Eastern politics to streaming services. 

Fenjan is broadcasted on Thmanyah, a podcast platform and documentary producer in Saudi Arabia that is owned by the Saudi Research and Media Group. 

Between 2012 and 2016, Abumalih was editor-in-chief of Arabic online news service Onehas, offering daily updates on the digital, social media, technology, entertainment and mobile industries.

He also worked as head of web development at Dammam College of Technology between 2008 and 2009, helping to set up and develop the college’s website. 

Abumalih holds a bachelor’s degree in software engineering from Arizona State University in the US and an associate degree in computer programming from Dammam College of Technology.