Updated 23 November 2021

6 movies to screen at the Gulf German Film Festival

6 movies to screen at the Gulf German Film Festival

The second Gulf German Film Festival in the UAE, Bahrain and Oman runs from Nov. 26 to Dec. 4, screening award-winning German language movies and international co-productions.

  • ‘I’m Your Man’

    A tragi-comic tale about a scientist participating in a trial with a humanoid robot designed to be the perfect life partner for her.

  • ‘Human Factors’

    A middle-class family of four travels for a vacation, when a mysterious home invasion exposes their agony.

  • ‘Yalda, A Night For Forgiveness’

    Maryam has been sentenced to death for murdering her husband. She goes on a popular TV show to face her stepdaughter, who has the power to forgive her and spare her life.

  • ‘Tailor’

    Nikos lives in the attic of the family’s tailor shop. When the bank threatens to repossess the shop, he takes action.

  • ‘Lingui, The Sacred Bonds’

    When a practicing Muslim discovers that her 15-year-old daughter is pregnant, they face a tough situation in a country where abortion is illegal.

  • ‘The River’

    As a man and a woman leave a restaurant in the heart of the Lebanese mountains, they are surprised by a war that seems to be breaking out.