Popular Arab artists on Spotify (by number of monthly listeners)

Mohamed Ramadan (Monthly Listeners: 972,452)

Mohamed Ramadan (Monthly Listeners: 972,452)
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Updated 13 January 2022

Mohamed Ramadan (Monthly Listeners: 972,452)

Mohamed Ramadan (Monthly Listeners: 972,452)

Monthly Listeners: 972,452

Most streamed song: Ya Habibi

Song Streams: 18,774,561

Nationality: Egyptian

Genre: Pop

Mohamed Ramadan Mahmoud Hijazi, known professionally as Mohamed Ramadan, is an Egyptian actor, singer, rapper, dancer and producer who began his artistic career in acting while still at school.

Ramadan has received the award for greatest nationwide talent three times consecutively and prospered in his acting career through films and television series. Recently, he became more known for his Egyptian pan-Arab songs.

Ramadan’s most famous song, “Ya Habibi,” in collaboration with French singer and rapper Gims, has amassed almost 19 million hits on Spotify.

In 2019, Ramadan posted a video of himself in a co-pilot’s seat during a private flight run by Smart Aviation Company to Saudi Arabia, which led to the pilot, Ashraf Abu Al-Yusr, being banned for life for violations of the Egyptian civil aviation law.

In 2021, the Egyptian Public Prosecution froze all Ramadan’s bank accounts, as he had to pay 6 million Egyptian pounds ($380,000) in compensation to the family of the pilot, who died earlier that year.