Top Arab actresses on Instagram (based on number of followers)

Yasmine Sabri (17.9 million followers)

Yasmine Sabri (17.9 million followers)
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Updated 04 February 2022

Yasmine Sabri (17.9 million followers)

Yasmine Sabri (17.9 million followers)

Instagram followers: 17.9 million

Films/shows: Tariqi, Gahim Fel Hend, Second chance

Nationality: Egyptian

Often named as one of the MENA region’s biggest stars, Yasmine Sabri is an Egyptian actress from Alexandria. She made her acting debut in 2013 with the series “Khatawat El Shaytan” (Devil’s Steps) and was immediately recognized for her immense talent and charm. 

Sabri was named Ambassador of African Women in 2019 during the Arab African Conference on Women’s Empowerment in the presence of ministers and dignitaries from across the Arab region and the African continent.

Sabri is the first Arab woman to join the Cartier family and the first to star in one of the luxury French jeweler’s global film campaigns, becoming the latest personality to join the community of fiercely feminine Panthère muses. 

As a humanitarian, activist and advocate for human rights, Sabri received the “Arab Woman of the Year” award from the London Arabia Organization in 2017 for her work in promoting women’s advancement.