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Joelle Mardinian (18.5 million followers)

Joelle Mardinian (18.5 million followers)
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Updated 18 February 2022

Joelle Mardinian (18.5 million followers)

Joelle Mardinian (18.5 million followers)

Instagram followers: 18.5 million

Occupation: Entrepreneur, TV host, makeup artist 

Nationality: Lebanese

Joelle Mardinian is a LebaneseTV Show Host, makeup artist, entrepreneur and founder of Joelle, a beauty company. 

Mardinian is among the MENA region’s top social influencers. Her “Joelle Show” on MBC1 is the longest-running makeover TV program in the region, making her one of the most popular Arab TV presenters.

Mardinian who was born in Lebanon and later moved to London to study makeup under well-known artists. She later moved to Dubai and began her television career on MBC channel, presenting a sports program.

Given her charisma, Mardinian was chosen by MBC to present her own special beauty program, which bore the name “Bisaraha Ahla” (Frankly Beautiful) which was later changed to “Maa Joelle Ahla” (Beauty with Joelle).

Mardinian is also the entrepreneur at the helm of Joelle Group, a beauty conglomerate which includes the high-end beauty salon Maison de Joelle, cosmetic clinic Clinica Joelle, skincare brand Joelle Paris, and more recently, a line of colored lenses, EyeCandy.

Mardinian recently launched a new reality TV show called “Joelle Unfiltered” on Shahid VIP, which will give an unfiltered look into the lives of the Lebanese makeup artist, her husband and their three children. Mardinian describes it as the “biggest show of my life,” as it is expected to uncover a number of things that the public don’t know about her and her family.