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Nour Arida (10.1 million followers)

Nour Arida (10.1 million followers)
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Updated 18 February 2022

Nour Arida (10.1 million followers)

Nour Arida (10.1 million followers)

Instagram followers: 10.1 million

Occupation: Model, Lifestyle and fashion blogger

Nationality: Lebanese-American

Nour Arida is a Lebanese-American model, social media influencer, fashion blogger, and founder of the children’s clothing line “Generation Peace.”

Arida is a nine-time cover girl, having collaborated with Sephora, Boucheron and Rimmel, while also walking in Paris Fashion Week shows.  

She began her career working as a retailer in fashion stores in Lebanon. She also worked as a buyer and brand manager for a number of prestigious fashion labels, including Rag & Bone, Zimmermann, Theory, Vince, J-Brand and Frame Denim.

She has also lent her face to several campaigns for renowned international brands such as French fine jewelry company Boucheron, for whom she is a brand ambassador and spokesperson. 

Her Instagram platform focuses on creativity, the importance of exclusivity and distinction and she vouches to stay away from imitating others, especially influencers, emphasizing that women and girls should maintain their nature and spontaneity.