Top Netflix films streamed in Saudi Arabia during Ramadan (according to Netflix Top 10 list)

“The In Between”

“The In Between”
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Updated 06 May 2022

“The In Between”

“The In Between”

Country: US

Genre: Science Fiction/ Romance

Cast: Joey King, Kyle Allen

Directed by Arie Posin, from a screenplay by Marc Klein, “The In Between” tells the story of teenager Tessa, who does not believe she deserves her own love story until she meets Skylar, who is a true romantic.

When Skylar is killed in a car accident, Tessa searches for answers and starts to believe he is trying to connect with her from the afterlife. She tries to contact him one last time so their love story can have the ending it deserves.

The film was on Netflix’s top 10 list of films in Saudi Arabia for three weeks in a row. It received mixed reviews from critics, with Rotten Tomatoes reporting an average approval rating of 56 percent and an average review score of 5.7/10