Top officials’ term is extended by four years

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Fri, 2001-05-25 06:03

JEDDAH, 25 May — According to the royal decrees issued here yesterday, the terms of Prince Abdul Rahman, deputy minister of defense and aviation, Prince Badr, deputy commander of the National Guard, Prince Mamdouh, chief of the Strategic Studies Bureau, Prince Ahmed, deputy interior minister, Prince Turki Al-Faisal, chief of the General Intelligence and Prince Fahd ibn Abdullah ibn Muhammad Al-Saud, assistant minister of defense and aviation for civil aviation affairs has been extended for four years from tomorrow.

The terms of Sheikh Muhammad ibn  Jubair as the chairman of the Shoura (consultative) council, Abdul Aziz ibn Abdul  Mohsin Al-Tuweijiri, assistant deputy commander of the National Guard and Hamad ibn Saud Al-Sayyari, governor of Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency have also been extended for a similar period according to the royal orders.

King Fahd also extended the term of office of the Riyadh Governor Prince Salman, Baha Governor Prince Muhammad ibn Saud, Asir Governor Prince Khaled Al-Faisal, Qassim Governor Prince Faisal ibn Bandar, Eastern Provice Governor Prince Muhammad ibn Fahd, Tabuk Governor Prince Fahd ibn Sultan and Governor of the Northern Border Region Prince Abdullah ibn Abdul Aziz ibn Musaed ibn Jalawi.  Muhammad ibn Abdullah Al-Nuweiser, chief of the Royal Court, Ibrahim Al-Anqari, special advisor of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, advisors at the Royal Court Sheikh Abdulaziz Ibn Muhammad Al-Sheikh, Sheikh Rashid Khunain, Sheikh Nasir Al-Shateiri, Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Marzouqi, Abdul Wahab ibn Ahmed Abdul Wasei and Ali ibn Hussein Musalem,

Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers Abdul Aziz Al-Salem, Chief of Special Royal Affairs Abdullah ibn Nasser Amar, Chief of Crown Prince’s Court Nasir ibn Hamad Al-Rajhi, Chief of the Royal Protocol Muhammad Al-Sheikh are among the highranking officials whose terms of service were also extended. Other senior officials whose term of office have been extended are:

Sheikh Saleh Al-Luhaidan, chief of the Higher Judicial Council. M

Also, members of the Supreme Council of Islamic Scholars: Sheikh Saleh Al-Fauzan, Sheikh Abdul Wahab ibn Ibrahim Abu Suleiman, Sheikh Bakr ibn Abdullah Abu Zaid, Sheikh Abdullah and Abdul Rahman Al-Ghudaiaan.

The terms of the following officials has been extended effective from the date mentioned against their names: Prince Saud ibn Fahd, deputy chief of General Intelligence (8/6/2001), Majiduddin ibn Hameeduddin Qadi, advisor at the Royal Court (8/6/2001), Nizar Madani,  assitant foreign minister (12-9-2001), Muhammad Al-Mahweis, president of General Prosecution and Investigation Authority (8/7/2001), Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Abdul Moneim, secretary general of the Council of  Senior Islamic Scholars (8/7/2001), Fahd ibn Abdullah Abdul Jabbar, executive director general for health affairs at the National Guard (29/10/2001), Abdul Rahman ibn Abdul Mohsin Al-Abdul Qader, deputy minister of Civil Service (18/11/2001), Khaled ibn Bakr, director general of the Saudi Arabian Airlines (16/12/2001).

The following governors and deputing governors are also have their service period extended from the dates mentioned against their names: Prince Saud ibn Naif, deputy governor of the Eastern Province (26/5/2001), Prince Mishaal ibn Majed, governor of Jeddah (18/11/2001) and Prince Badr ibn Muhammad, governor of Ahsa (1/10/2001).

The terms of the following officials has been extended: Prince Muhammad ibn Saad, advisor at the Interior Ministry, Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Falah, vice president of the Prophet’s Mosque affairs, Abdul Rahman Al-Jammaz, advisor at the Interior Ministry, Saleh ibn Muhammad Suleiman, director general of the Grain Silos and Flour Mills Organization, Saad Al-Sudairi, secretary general of the National Security Council, Fahd Al-Moammar, governor of Taif, Ali Al-Khalaf, president of the Civil Aviation Authority, Hamoud Al-Badr, secretary general of the Shoura council, Abdul Rahman Al-Suweilam, chairman of the Saudi Red Crescent Society, Abdul Aziz Al-Ayyaf Al-Miqren,  mayor of Riyadh, Abdul Aziz Al-Hussein, Mayor of Madinah, and Ibrahim Balghunaim, mayor of Dammam.  Advisors at the Royal Court Muhammad Al-Adhl, Mustafa ibn Muhammad Idris, Hamad Al-Khowaiter and Faisal Al-Asli, Vice President of the Royal Protocol Mansour Al-Kharieji are also among the senior officials whose terms were extended for four years.

The king appointed Abdul Rahman Al-Hussein as governor of the Saline Water Conversion Corporation and Yusuf Al-Bassam, vice president of the Saudi Development Fund effectvie from tomorrow.

Khaled ibn Hamza Ahmad Nahhas has been appointed as new mayor of Makkah effective from tomorrow.  (SPA)

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