Updated 13 July 2022
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Six films picked for the 10th edition of Final Cut in Venice

Six films picked for the 10th edition of Final Cut in Venice

Final Cut in Venice has selected eight work-in-progress films for its 10th edition, with the aim of promoting the movies to an audience of producers, distributors and programmers of international film festivals.

  • ‘Inshallah a Boy’

    The feature film by Amjad Al-Rasheed tells the story of a grieving widow at risk of losing her house.

  • ‘Backstage’

    This film by Afef Ben Mahmoud and Khalil Benkirane follows the adventures of a contemporary dance troupe when an onstage incident leaves one member of the company injured.

  • ‘Black Light’

    Directed by Karim Bensalah, this film tells the true story of an Algerian student who when threatened with expulsion decides to work at a funeral home.

  • ‘A Fidai Film’

    Palestinian filmmaker Kamal Aljafari fixes his lens on Israel’s 1982 invasion of Beirut during which forces raided the Palestinian Research Center and carted away its library.

  • ‘Land of Women’

    In a conservative village in Egypt, a lively group of Coptic girls form an all-female street theater troupe in this coming-of-age documentary by Nada Riyadh and Ayman El-Amir.

  • ‘Suspended’

    Lebanese director Myriam El-Hajj examines her country in the documentary with the question, “How can we find our place in a country that is haunted by a past that continues to pollute the present?”