Where We Are Going Today: Flaky

Where We Are Going Today: Flaky
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Updated 07 October 2022

Where We Are Going Today: Flaky

Where We Are Going Today: Flaky

Alkhobar has a cool new restaurant in town — a whole place dedicated to crispy chicken born and breaded locally.

With the slogan “Crunch it out,” Flaky opened up earlier this year on the trendy Alkhobar City Walk. The main wall upon entering the eatery is decorated with a giant hand-painted chicken with sunglasses.

With a small seating area to the side and a sink so that you can wash your hands before and after a deep fried feast with sauces galore, Flaky is a good spot to stop for a quick bite or to indulge in for a longer time.

Flaky promises that every single chicken it sells is locally raised. Then the restaurant’s free-range chickens are chilled to ensure optimal freshness and are fried to order.

The original burger consists of crunchy chicken slathered with melted cheddar cheese, fresh lettuce and some pickles to add a tangy punch between a perfectly toasted bun. It comes with a spicy option as well — the same concept with a different homemade sauce.

They also offer a maple sriracha burger, a buffalo burger and a Nashville burger — which promises to be a bit hot.

For those who want brunch in a bite, Flaky offers a chicken n’ waffle option in original and in Nashville-style. They also offer chicken strips and, of course, french fries: Original and loaded Flaky fries.

There are eight kind of sauces for SR3 ($0.8) a pop. Most of Flaky’s burgers are around SR30 and the fries are separate.

This summer, Flaky started to offer little ice cream bites in what they refer to as the “guilt-free zone.” The bites are layered with vanilla ice cream and coated in chocolate.

They now also offer mojitos in addition to bottled water and sodas.

Working hours are daily from 11:30 a.m. to 1 a.m. on most days and from 3 p.m. to 3 a.m. on Fridays. Check Flaky’s Instagram page @flaky.sa for more info.

Delivery apps like Hunger Station, Jahez and The Chefz can have your Flaky order sent right to your front door.