Navy unveils plans to use dolphins for missions

By Shahid Raza Burney, Special to Arab News
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Wed, 2002-12-18 03:00

PUNE, 18 December 2002 — Indian Navy has unveiled plans of using trained dolphins for deep-sea missions, including the planting of limpet mines under water. O.P. Yadav, additional general manager of Ammunition Factory Kirkee (AFK) which also produces under water mines, revealed that the navy will use dolphins to blow up enemy warships and submarines.

Successful trials have been conducted with trained dolphins. The dolphins were also trained to plant advanced limpet mine “Maindeka” on enemy ships, he said, adding that India is among the few countries to successfully deploy dolphins for deep-sea missions.

Yadav said the use of dolphins for such missions was decided during a meeting between AFK and the navy last year. The use of dolphins, regarded as one of the most intelligent creatures, would help cut the human risk factor during such under-water missions.

Previously such a mission required naval divers to carry the mines to an enemy ship and fix it at a vulnerable spot on the hull of the ship. For such a dangerous mission, the divers were required to swim long distances carrying a heavy load of explosive device to reach the target.

Yadav said the development and production of limpet mines and that of chaffs — ‘Kawach’ and ‘Megh’ — for naval anti-missile system as the most striking achievement of AFK and the country.

Defense analysts said that India had kept the use of dolphins for defense purposes and the production of ‘Kawach’ and ‘Megh’ missiles a top secret, and have only now unveiled these information after success in trial missions and tests.

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