Terrorist Website Drops Dirty Bomb

Saad Al-Matrafi, Arab News
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Fri, 2005-03-11 03:00

JEDDAH, 11 March 2005 — A terrorist group has published a do-it-yourself plan to make a dirty bomb on its Internet site. Named Alma’sadah Al-Jihadiah, the site is run by a group whose aim is to promote and propagate terror activities in the region.

A member of the group, calling himself Abu Al-Harith Al-Sawahiri the Mujahid Sheikh, provides a step-by-step instruction of making a dirty bomb, starting from tear gas canisters to higher-grade bombs, including those using uranium, on the site.

The member, whose expertise veers toward chemical warfare, shows a marked emphasis in making gas bombs. He introduces the subject by naming the different gases used for these purposes, and follows it up with their reaction with the elements, effects and their impact, before concluding by telling all where to buy them.

The first lesson gives a detailed definition of the word gas and the kind of gases that can be used as a weapon. And the gases that are used ought to be easy to prepare.

The term “gas” is applied to any substance, whether solid, liquid, or vapor, which is used for its poisonous, irritant, or blistering effects. Gases may be liberated in the air as vapor or smoke; or may be brought into contact, in liquid form, with personnel, material or ground.

At the Internet site, the writer classifies gases into two major types — persistent gas and non-persistent gas. The former evaporates slowly. This type of gas is as strong — according to the writer — as it is when it is in liquid form. It will give off vapor or remain dangerous till the substance (liquid) is there.

The non-persistent gases are those that evaporate completely as soon as they are exposed to the air. The writer even describes how to treat the affected areas of the body if by any chance a person is exposed to this type of gas: All one has to do is expose the affected part of the body to fresh air.

The terrorist also categorizes lethal gases according to the amount of harm each does to the human body. There are four kinds of gases that affect different parts of the body — tear gas, nasal gas, choking gas and finally the blistering gas.

Some 15 chemicals have been used worldwide as tear gas agents. One of the main agent of tear gas is chlorine, and the gas when released evaporates after being exposed to heat. This type of gas makes the victim feel irritation in his eyes and sometimes damages the eyelashes.

The writer goes on to give lessons on how to prevent and or cure oneself if exposed to such gases, until he is asked by one of the participants in the Net forum to give a lesson on how to make gas bombs from scratch and from easy-to-get substances.

Al-Sawahiri promised his fellow “Mujahedeen” that he would teach them how to make the lethal gas phosgene and how to use it. Phosgene produces a choking effect.

The writer asked his colleagues to study the effects of gasses and the cure for them before going into how to make them. “I want you all to know this because you should know the cure before the disease,” he said.

At the end of his session, the writer, who asked his followers to go for jihad, received a comment from another writer asking him to give more details as they needed it to start making those gases in Iraq. “We need simple quick ways to make them, for us to quickly fight the Americans and the great traitor Allawi,” said the comment.

The site has also issued a statement in the form of a “Fatwa” allowing and justifying the killing of foreigners in the country.

The statement entitled “Fighting the Foreigners”, which is issued by a group based in Algeria and named Al-Jama’ah Al-Salafiyah (The Salafi Group), says that the Crusaders who invaded Islamic countries centuries ago have set up the Arab governments to be their eyes in the region. Therefore, the group argues, it is a must to kill the foreigners who are guarded by such governments.

The site also carries fresh news from Iraq including movements of the No. 1 wanted man in Iraq, Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi, as well as recent pictures taken of him. The forum has changed the anti-terror slogan issued by the Saudi government, which shows a picture of a policeman holding a citizen’s hand and says under it “Together Against Terror”, and put instead “Together with the Mujahedeen” under the same picture.

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