Doha Gets Dressed With the Look of the Games

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Tue, 2006-05-02 03:00

DOHA, 2 May 2006 — The residents of Qatar have become accustomed to seeing the giant statue of Orry, the official mascot for the 15th Asian Games Doha 2006, on their visits to the waterfront corniche in Doha.

Over the past weeks, however, Orry has been turning up city-wide in a variety of forms. At the busy intersection next to the Ramada hotel, passers-by are pausing an extra moment to take in the gigantic building wrap on the side of the Ramada building. At the Ministry of Agriculture another image of Orry with outstretched arms covers the front of the multi-story building, welcoming visitors to Doha as they enter the city from Doha’s International Airport. A third wrap is seen on the Dana Towers building and other various locations around Doha.

“Orry is our ambassador. He is being used on the building wraps to welcome everyone, visitors and residents alike, to the year and the city of the Games,” said Ahmed Abdulla Al Khulaifi, deputy director general, Corporate Support of the Doha Asian Games Organising Committee (DAGOC).

In all, seven prominent buildings have been identified for large-scale graphic treatments in the first phase of the Games’ Look campaign. After the unveiling of these seven buildings, several more buildings will be adorned with similar treatments as the countdown brings Doha closer to the opening ceremony on the Dec. 1.

The seven buildings are the Ramada hotel, Sheikh Mohd Tower, Barzan tower, Dana Towers, Qatar National Olympic Committee, Rydges Plaza and the Ministry of Economy and Commerce.

“The Games is a national celebration for the entire community to enjoy,” said Al Khulaifi. “Dressing the city is an essential part of transforming it to a state of readiness prior to any Games. It inspires the community, it serves a welcome to our guests and it creates a wonderfully festive atmosphere for all to enjoy. Doha won’t be the same after the Look campaign”.

In addition to the large-scale building wraps, thirty life-size versions of Orry, in a variety of different sporting poses, have been strategically distributed throughout the city, and it is anticipated that they will be a perfect photo opportunity for parents, children and visitors alike.

Further, six benches will soon be in place on the cornice surrounding the statue of Orry and the countdown clock.

The benches also provide an ideal photo opportunity with the blue waters and the colossal statue of Orry forming a picturesque backdrop.

Touchscreen kiosks have dotted the city and will be available for athletes and visitors to Doha during and prior to Doha 2006. Through these kiosks, users will be able to obtain details on both tourism in Qatar and the Games. It will include information regarding the various sports of the Games, Orry, tickets, schedules, venues, programs, competing countries and regions and athletes.

In all, 20 kiosks have been developed and installed at the DAGOC offices, the Qatar National Olympic Committee (QNOC) building, City Centre, Landmark, The Mall, Hyatt Plaza, The Centre, Al Dana Club, Diplomatic Club, Doha Golf Club, InterContinental, Rydges, Sheraton Doha, Ramada and the Four Seasons hotels.

Further, a number of street banners are already hung throughout Doha with Orry in different poses welcoming visitors to the host city and demonstrating a number of sports disciplines.

Also, a number of selected Doha water towers are painted with Orry to round out the campaign and add an added diversity to the structures that will be decorated. The water towers at the Airport, at Al Khulaifat and at Al Rumaila have been completed.

Orry is featured on the airport and Al Khulaifat towers. The design at Al Rumaila features pictograms for football and athletics.

The scaffolding at the fourth water tower near the Corniche, at Al Hitmi, is currently being installed. This tower should be completed at the end of May.

A special section within DAGOC, the Look of the Games team, are tasked with the responsibility of raising awareness and promoting the 15th Asian Games through the physical application of the brand, the graphic elements and the official mascot.

Permanent legacy items are also being designed for the city and its population to remember the celebration and experience of the Games long after they are over.

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