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Wed, 2010-10-20 00:27

The “Prince of Poets” is the Arab world’s biggest classical Arabic poetry competition that was launched in Abu Dhabi in April 2007 by Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage (ADACH).
 “We received entries from both inside and outside the Arab world. There were requests to submit poetry made from Europe, Asia and Africa as well as from Arabs holding non-Arab nationalities, and non-Arabs who had mastered the Arabic language. Among the participants were poets from the United States, Canada , Australia, Denmark, the Seychelles, Belgium, Chad, Mali, Burkina Faso, India and Nigeria,” said Sultan Al Amimi, Director of the Poetry Academy and member of the organizing committee for the “Prince of Poets.”
All works entered into the fourth session of the grand competition for classical Arabic poetry has now been reviewed and screened, he said
The 7000 poets who took part in the Competition did so after ensuring that their work met the conditions for participation.
The competition will enter a new phase this year, and this will be put in place prior to the announcement of the list of qualifying poets. This announcement will be made at the Al Raha Beach Theater.
Poets compete in all forms of classical poetry and can enter poems in a variety of styles, whether that be a metric (traditional) poem, or a free verse one. The Prince of Poets competition is aimed at promoting and enhancing classical Arabic poetry. It wishes to revive the positive role of Arabic poetry within Arabic culture and increase human interest in it, emphasizing its inherent message of peace and love to the whole world.
Last year’s contest saw Syria’s Hassan Baiti win the much-sought-after and prestigious title of “Prince of Poets,” as well as one million UAE dirhams.
The last three sessions of the competition witnessed a high turnout, and thousands of Arab poets have taken part. The TV program has been instrumental in the discovery of 105 talents. The program has been aired by Abu Dhabi TV each season and is watched by millions of classical poetry lovers throughout the world.

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