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Wed, 2010-11-17 01:04

Others, however, are not as keen to provide the best service: They drop off their pilgrims at the camp and vanish. But Arab News found that most complaints by the pilgrims are about silly matters.
All mutawwifs belong to one of six tawafa organizations that are assigned to offer services for pilgrims during Haj. They organize transportation, taking pilgrims to their camps. They provide food. They distribute packages containing new prayer rugs, prayer beads and copies of the Qur'an. When pilgrims depart, mutawwifs give them souvenirs, such as pictures of the Grand Mosque.
"Together with my team members, I personally attend to the well being of pilgrims in their tents in Mina and Arafat," said mutawwif Jameel Qurashi. "I have assigned duties to each member of my team and they are striving to do them in the best possible manner. I am always in contact with all  members of the field team."
Khaleel Bahader, another mutawwif, is proud to speak about his experience. "I have been performing Haj together with pilgrims and closely attending to their well-being over the past four decades," he said. "I am among some mutawwifs who are very keen in providing comfort of pilgrims. Some mutawwifs are keen to assign prominent preachers who know the language of the respective pilgrims, to enlighten them on the rituals of Haj in their own language."
But some pilgrims get better services than others. Abdul Qader Bu Jadour, a haji from Morocco, said he could not find his mutawwif to get some cool water. Some of them want to change their mattresses. Others need additional blankets or refrigerators repaired.
Abdullah Naseeran, another mutawwif, said that some pilgrims approach to find solutions for strange demands. "Prior to every Haj season, we evaluate the possible problems about which complaints may be raised by the pilgrims," said mutawwif Abdullah Naseeran. "We are keen to solve such problems in advance."
Naseeran noted that most complaints of pilgrims are about temporary problems and that are being solved. "If the problems are out of the reach of mutawwifs, they seek the help of the concerned authorities and agencies available at the holy sites," he added.

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