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Thu, 2011-06-23 03:25

As many of you know, our expertise is not limited to risk analysis and risk management in the financial markets.
We also stand amongst leading computer science engineers in terms of developing websites and developing applications on the new Google Android platforms.
This week we actually launched two applications, and the downloads are literally in the thousands already.
The technology is amazing and incredibly empowering to both consumers and retailers.
Freedom, mobility, and Internet connectivity are here at last on a bigger touch screen than the tiny iPhones.
Stay tuned for the roll out of the seven-inch tablet smart phones from every major competitor in the business on an Android platform.
We at The KIN Consortium plan to review each of these products as they become available in the marketplace, and we pledge to keep you informed about the strengths and weaknesses of each respective product and application.
Each new application can be designed to enhance the efficiency of a variety of different business models.
Imagine applications that are specifically designed for different industries like the hotel and tourism, the brokerage, and the medical industry just to name a few.
The first idea that came to mind was the hotel and tourism Industry.
Imagine a tourist based in London can now attain a vivid picture of his tourism destination on google maps.
They can read reviews and testimonials that are complete with videos, audio, PDFs and constant communication.
All this before they leave their homes in London.
The days of multitasking with luggage, the family, asking directions, and falling into tourist traps are gone.
In fact we have taken up the initiative in terms of developing a Google Android application this week for all the Hilton Hotel located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and we called it the “Hilton Hotel Android Platform.”
Take a moment to imagine the icon on every smartphone.
With a tap of the touch screen, tourists can access all the information regarding hotel rates, directions, amenities, and they can call for reservations at the same time.
The fact is that integrating the applications with specially-designed links on Google maps has been an incredibly empowering tool.
For instance, the tourist will never be lost in a strange land, as long as they are using the GPS function on the smart phone to know exactly where the hotel is located.
Our minds are literally swimming with joy as we consider the seemingly endless opportunities.
The second idea that came to mind was the brokerage industry try to imagine using the new tablets to trade stocks, read research reports, newspapers, while calling your brokers at the same time. Multitasking at this level is currently available on the Samsung Galaxy Tab in Saudi Arabia.
The clients have the freedom of trading on the Tadawul from anywhere at anytime.
They can program their stock alerts to notify them of specific news events or stock prices, and they can respond immediately.
The panic of having to find a computer or an Internet connection is a thing of the past thanks to 3G.
The third idea we are looking at is the medical industry in terms of how a centrally controlled cloud computing solution can store all the files and radiology reports in one location.
For instance the radiology department conducts the X-ray, and immediately uploads it to the central computer, which then sends an alert to the doctor.
He can in turn look at the X ray and then forward it to his colleagues for a second opinion with a graceful stroke of his finger.
He can get immediate feedback in a matter of seconds to assist in his diagnoses of the patients; thus, saving lives by accessing specialists from around the globe.
The future is going to be about enhancing efficiency through the transparency, open communication, and file sharing capabilities of the Internet and these multi-functional Android tablets.
We envision a future where people are going to be documenting in video and audio with their new smart phones, as oppose to endless paper trails of documentation.
The days of bureaucracies and corruption stifling the growth of businesses and economies are a thing of the past.
The future is all about accurate metrics that allow upper management to set policies that can increase the profit margins, while maintaining a high level of quality control.
These tablets are invaluable tools whether we are better informed tourists, trading stocks on a bigger screen, or saving lives at the hospital.

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