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Wed, 2011-08-10 01:14

The message circulating questioned why he was not tackling the issue of businessmen increasing their prices when a can of Pepsi is sold for SR6 in a coffee shop.
He was also accused of traveling around the world at the show’s expense and then coming in Ramadan to trash the Kingdom and its youth.
They demanded that he stop undermining the Saudi youth and did something positive instead of talking. Al-Shugairi received harsh criticism on his Twitter account from a person calling him to live in Dubai since he likes it so much.
However, a large number of fans of the show rated Khawater as the most positive show in Ramadan.
Despite criticism, Al-Shugairi continued presenting something different for viewers. He proceeded to embarrass other TV programs and serials in Ramadan that rely on attracting viewers either through competition or through actresses with heavy make-ups.
Khawater's rich educational content shows that while other nations are advancing, the Arab world is either standing still or marching backward.
A recent episode showed Khawater inside a courtroom in Dubai. Al-Shugairi toured the court building to show the latest technology tools being used to facilitate procedures for court visitors. It showed that some of the judges were not UAE nationals, but from Egypt, Sudan and Jordan. The people in the UAE did not have any trouble accepting their rule.
The courtroom also contained massage chairs for employees to relax after work. It included a special translation section to translate the English, French, Japanese and Persian languages.
Al-Shugairi defended his program saying that comparing positive developments around the world with Saudi Arabia did not mean he did not like his country. He hoped to see some of the positive things he talked about applied in the Kingdom and the Arab world.
Fans defended the program saying that Khawater is one of the best shows, as it is educational and eye-opening. The very reason that Khawater and Al-Shugairi are under attack is because of the huge success of the show.
Many of the fans defending the show demanded to see more such programs like Khawater in Ramadan instead of the usual serials. Fans called on Al-Shugairi to ignore the criticism and look forward.

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