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Mon, 2011-12-26 03:13

Prince Sultan expressed his sincere love toward Salman in a letter he had sent for publication in the special issue of the monthly magazine brought out by the Riyadh governorate on the occasion of his return to the Kingdom after gaining a full recovery from illness.
In his letter, Prince Sultan had described Salman as “the prince of loyalty,” which he demonstrated in the best form by accompanying the late prince throughout his medical tour abroad.
“I have seen in you the best and highest form of loyalty and dedication,” Sultan had written in his letter.
“You have shown this noble quality on many occasions and the last time I felt this was when you accompanied me during my recent medical trip abroad when the Almighty blessed me with recovery, and I thank God for this blessing. Your royal highness should know the great position you have in my heart,” the late crown prince said.
Prince Sultan continued: “Whatever I have done for this great country and people were inspired by my responsibility, which was conferred upon us by God as its rulers...I was honored to serve this country which stands distinguished from all other countries because God has selected it to serve the two holy mosques, Islam and Muslims and the entire humanity.”
In his reply to Prince Sultan, Salman wrote: “May Allah honor your royal highness forever...I have received your letter with utmost happiness… I have considered it as a duty and an honor for me to accompany your royal highness during your medical tour to extend you the necessary services. As I have said before, I consider myself as your son, brother and servant and God has blessed me for having able to do my duty toward you.”
In the letter Prince Salman thanked God for blessing Prince Sultan with good health and helping him to return to home fully recovered.  He also thanked Prince Sultan for the noble feelings he had expressed in his letter toward him.
Salman had sent another letter to Prince Sultan along with the special issue of the magazine in which he said: “I am very happy to present you this special issue that includes your royal highness’ biography as well as your great contributions toward the Kingdom and its people.”

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