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Sun, 2012-02-26 00:36

The campaign features cartoon personalities called Four Flowers. It started visiting schools, medical centers and commercials centers in the Yanbu Industrial city. The Four Flowers will tour around the city for a week and distribute gifts to children, said Saleh Al-Zahrani, director of the Tree Planting and Irrigation Department at the commission.
He added that the festival would make separate arrangements for women and families.
A wide variety of programs and activities for women, men and children will take place on the sidelines of the festival, which will be held at the industrial city’s park.
The festival plans to plant more than five million flower plants in major squares and other parts of the city as part of the festival.
“The festival for youngsters features several cultural, social and recreational activities in addition to sports and games competitions. Festivals for women and children will be held with the participation of women centers, kindergartens and schools,” Al-Zahrani said.

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