Riyadh: Sharif M. Taha, Arab News Staff
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Mon, 2012-03-19 01:44

According to eyewitnesses, racist messages with slogans such as “Go home Arab terrorists” were being posted on the students’ houses in the city of Olisschen, near the Polish-Russian border.
The students have complained to their respective embassies. The Saudi ambassador in Warsaw, Walid bin Tahir Rudwan, is monitoring the situation and expected to meet with the mayor of the city and other officials.
Polish students created a site on Facebook calling for the expulsion of Arab students from the city. The Arab students reportedly tried to engage in a friendly discussion with them, but local media got involved and their editorial content was biased toward the Polish students.
In addition, their stories on the issue ignored developments in the Middle East, religious values in the region and spirit of freedom approved by all communities, including Arabs and Muslims.
Olisschen police have already arrested a 25-year-old pizza delivery man who used to stick racist posters on the doors of Arab students' houses.
Meanwhile, cultural attaches at Arab embassies have called on their students to exercise utmost care and caution and keep away from places where incidents might occur.

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