SAWEA water and wastewater mission visits Japan

A Saudi water and wastewater related business delegation visited Kobe, Osaka and Matsuyama recently.
Updated 20 June 2016

SAWEA water and wastewater mission visits Japan

A Saudi water and wastewater related business mission, headed by Nidhal S. Al-Dossary, president, Saudi Arabian Water Environment Association (SAWEA), Dammam, recently toured Kobe, Osaka and Matsuyama. The purpose of this mission is to receive information on state-of-art and cutting-edge technologies for water and wastewater treatment in Japan.
SAWEA is a non-profit organization started on Jan. 1, 2012 by a group of predominantly professionals within Saudi Aramco working in Saudi Arabia in water and wastewater treatment. The objective of SAWEA is to preserve and enhance water quality in Saudi Arabia and the world.
First day, the participants visited the Center for Membrane and Film Technology in Kobe University and this center embrace full range of the research and development on high functional membrane and films to latest processes for producing them.
Second day, the participants visited three plants, Higashi Water Environmental Center for wastewater treatment, Tobu Sludge Center for sludge management and Water control center of Kobe City Waterworks Bureau.
At first, the participants visited the Higashi Water Environmental Center for wastewater treatment.
Secondary, the participants visit the Tobu Sludge Center that is fluidized bed incinerator for sludge volume reduction.
At the end of the day, the participants visited Water Control Center of Kobe City Waterworks Bureau.
Third day, the participants traveled to Matsuyama to visit Ehime plant of Toray Industries Inc.
Fourth day, the participants visited Kubota (Hirakata Plant) and Green Front Sakai. Kubota was well-known as a wide variety of products in water and wastewater field.
After visiting Kubota, the participants moved to Advanced Treated Water Recycle Center in Green Front Sakai City.
Final day, the business mission was closed to have B2B meetings with Japanese companies — Sumitomo Corporation, JFE Engineering Corporation, Kubota Corporation, Mitsubishi Rayon Aqua Solutions and Toyobo Co., Ltd.

72% increase in goods handling at King Abdullah Port

Updated 20 September 2020

72% increase in goods handling at King Abdullah Port

Amidst the challenges of COVID-19, King Abdullah Port has ensured uninterrupted services, playing an active role in facilitating the smooth flow of the logistics chain for essential commodities. The port’s world-class infrastructure with mega capacity combined with its efficient operation capabilities enabled an increase of 72 percent in handling pharmaceutical and medical supplies during the first eight months of 2020. 

More than adequate refrigerated storage facilities with high efficiency have been installed as pharmaceutical and medical supplies are areas of particular focus at King Abdullah Port. The supplies imported to the Kingdom through the port included medicines, which require specialized cooling mechanisms, and air filters for respiratory devices, among others. The increase in the handling of containers signifies King Abdullah Port’s enhanced efforts and its contribution toward achieving the goals of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

As part of its community-driven endeavors, King Abdullah Port allowed importers to continue benefiting from round-the-clock cargo clearance services without any disruptions, in cooperation with government agencies including Saudi Customs, Saudi Food and Drug Authority, Border Guards and others operating under the regulatory frameworks of the Economic Cities and Special Zones Authority. This contributed to facilitating product clearance procedures easily and effectively. As a result, the port has seen a substantial improvement in the satisfaction level of its customers across various industries as reflected in the growth of cargo handling volume. 

Necessary preventive measures have been taken in cooperation with the Ministry of Health to ensure the health and safety of all port staff and visitors while maintaining a high level of efficiency.

To reduce direct contact and avoid the spread of COVID-19, King Abdullah Port relied on activating e-operations during this period while maintaining the efficiency of the product clearance process. 

The port took appropriate measures to respond to any vessel with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 cases while ensuring risk-free vessel operations. It mandated shipping agents to send all required information to the ministry 24 hours before the vessel’s arrival to ensure the implementation of all necessary medical examinations and precautionary measures if necessary.

Run by the Ports Development Company and located in King Abdullah Economic City, King Abdullah Port is the first port in the region to be fully owned, developed and operated by the private sector. 

It has been listed as the world’s fastest-growing container ports and one of the 100 largest ports globally after less than four years of operation. Further, 10 of the world’s largest shipping lines work at the port, which currently has a capacity of 6.5 million TEU, offering integrated services to importers and exporters. King Abdullah Port’s development plan is progressing at a steady pace and it is set to consolidate its place among the leading ports worldwide.