United Nations’ bias on Yemen questioned

Updated 03 August 2016

United Nations’ bias on Yemen questioned

JEDDAH: Yemen’s former media official has questioned the neutrality of the United Nations on the issue of his country and said that the world body’s reputation is at stake.
Mokhtar Al-Rahbi, former press secretary to Yemen’s president, said the “report of the United Nations in which it cited violations of children’s rights in Yemen by the Saudi-led Arab coalition is unfair and incorrect.”
“It contains falsification of facts in terms of Saudi advocacy for the legitimacy in Yemen and its stand beside the president legitimately recognized by the international community,” he said.
Speaking to a local newspaper, Al-Rahbi stressed the fact that the coalition forces had not targeted civilians or children, unlike the Houthi militias who have so far killed 60,000 Yemeni troops, and 10,000, children according to their own statements, as well as their admission that they are using children in their war, as the age group of their fighters ranges from 13 to 21 years.
“Saudi Arabia is one of the world’s greatest supporters of Yemen. Between 2011 and 2015, Saudi Arabia paid more than SR8 billion in cash and in the form of oil products and relief materials. Saudi Arabia has no personal enmity with Yemen to target children and women; on the contrary, the Kingdom came to their support and help,” said Al-Rahbi.
The former press secretary said that the people of Yemen will never forget this favor.
He cited the events in Taiz on Monday, asserting that there was clear evidence of who kills children and dozens of civilians, especially the massacre against children, regarded as one of the dozens of massacres committed in all regions in Yemen.
“The Yemeni government and the coalition forces are negotiating in Kuwait on a peaceful settlement while the massacres and violations are committed in the country,” he added.
He wondered why the UN up till now has not classified the Houthis as terrorists like Al-Qaeda, who kill and destroy people according to their doctrines and sects.

Saudi envoy praises Japan’s support for Donors’ Conference for Yemen

Updated 03 June 2020

Saudi envoy praises Japan’s support for Donors’ Conference for Yemen

  • Japan has made a number of pledges in the past three years

RIYADH: The Saudi Ambassador to Japan, Naif bin Marzouq Al-Fahadi, commended the Japanese government for its support in aid and contributions to ease the humanitarian crisis in Yemen. 

Japan has made a number of pledges in the past three years during high-level meetings to help the Yemeni people, highlighting its commitment to work side by side with Saudi Arabia and UN member states.

Chaired by Saudi Arabia, the Virtual Donors’ Conference for Yemen 2020, which convened on Tuesday, saw a number of pledges made by UN members.

Suzuki Keisuke, Japan’s foreign affairs minister, pledged $41.2 million in aid to Yemen at the forum. 

In 2017, Japan pledged $61.7 million and provided $63.5 million in aid. In 2018, it pledged $38.8 million, but provided $57.7 million in aid. In 2019, the Japanese government pledged $52.8 million and provided aid worth $44 million. 

Al-Fahadi said that the initiative to convene the Virtual Donors’ Conference for Yemen 2020 comes as a result of interest from the highest levels of the Saudi leadership in light of recent developments in Yemen, including the crisis related to the consequences of the coronavirus, and to complete the efforts of reconstruction and the establishment of stability and peace in the country.

He said that that the Kingdom has provided a total of $16.95 billion since the beginning of the crisis through its relief and humanitarian arms, headed by King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSRelief) and the Saudi Development and Reconstruction Program for Yemen.