Cybercrime hit 6.5m in Kingdom last year

The Symantec booth is seen during the 2016 Black Hat cyber-security conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, US, in this August 3, 2016. (REUTERS/David Becker)
Updated 11 August 2016

Cybercrime hit 6.5m in Kingdom last year

RIYADH: Over 6.5 million people in the Kingdom were affected by cybercrime last year, according to American software security provider Symantec that conducted a survey in the Kingdom.
Norton, by Symantec, released its findings from the Norton Cyber Security Insights Report here on Wednesday, revealing that 6,538,262 people have been victims of cyber attacks and affected by online crime.
The report further reveals that close to half (46 percent) of the millennials have experienced cybercrime compared to only 37 percent of the younger generation. Surprisingly nearly two in every five millennials admitted to sharing passwords with another person despite understanding its associated risks.
Speaking on the occasion, Eyas Hawari, country manager for Symantec Saudi Arabia, said: “Unfortunately, online crime has become commonplace in Saudi Arabia with 58 percent of the population having experienced it in the past year.”
He added: “This is 10 percent higher than the global average of 48 percent and strongly reinforces the need for a shift in the mindset of consumers in the country.”
He said consumers need to be more proactive in protecting their precious personal data and be aware that taking simple precautionary steps can easily help thwart potential attacks.
With an increasing number of individuals connected and using mobile devices, cyber threats are becoming ever present among all age groups as one in four consumers have had their mobile device stolen, potentially exposing sensitive information in their e-mail, social media and banking apps to cyber thieves, he said.
According to the report one in seven users has had the identity stolen, one in six has had someone breach their social media account, one in every four respondents indicate their e-mail account was breached by a hacker.
Surveying 1,000 individuals in the Kingdom, the research by the software security provider also discusses the consequences of consumer cybercrime in its report.
The consumers lost close to a day dealing with the repercussions of online crime, revealed the report, adding it also cost an average of SR3,230 per person with consumers losing over SR21 billion in total.

Cinema investment in Saudi Arabia set to hit SR5bn in 2020

Updated 28 January 2020

Cinema investment in Saudi Arabia set to hit SR5bn in 2020

  • Saudi conference study reveals 140 cinemas planned for Kingdom creating estimated 5,300 jobs
  • One of the main goals of the Vision 2030 reform plan was to increase household spending on domestic entertainment from 2.9 percent to 6 percent of total expenditure

RIYADH: Investment in building new cinemas in Saudi Arabia was expected to top SR5 billion ($1.33 billion) during 2020, according to latest figures.

Data published ahead of the Cinema Build KSA 2020 conference, taking place at the Fairmont hotel in Riyadh on Feb. 19 to 20, revealed that 140 movie theaters were planned to open in 30 malls throughout the Kingdom, creating more than 5,300 job opportunities.

The Saudi cinema industry would see enormous growth and was set to become the leader in the region having already gained attention from stakeholders around the globe, research from conference partner Great Minds Group predicted.

With a total of 1,323 screens planned for the country, demand for materials and resources to build cinemas has increased dramatically.

The Cinema Build KSA report revealed that an estimated 158,760 cinema seats and more than 5,953,500 square feet of carpet would be required to realize this year’s growth plans, in addition to more than 18,852,750 square feet of gypsum boards, wall panels, and specialist ceiling materials and 1,250 air-handling units.

One of the main goals of the Vision 2030 reform plan was to increase household spending on domestic entertainment from 2.9 percent to 6 percent of total expenditure, considering that Saudi nationals spent about $30 billion annually on tourism and entertainment outside the Kingdom.

Supporting and enhancing the fast-growing cinema sector would not only recover Saudi investments abroad but would also create more than 5,314 job opportunities in 2020 in the Saudi market, according to the Cinema Build KSA report.

The Saudi cinema industry was predicted to see enormous growth and being the largest gathering of cinema stakeholders in the Kingdom, Cinema Build KSA 2020 aims to serve as a learning center for building world-class film theaters.

The event is organized by Eyes of Cities in association with the Great Minds Group. Boasting more than 300 attendees, at least 30 sponsors and exhibitors, and 25 international speakers, the second annual conference will cover a broader aspect of the burgeoning cinema industry in the Kingdom.