Al-Qaeda bomber kills 4 Yemen troops

Updated 18 August 2016

Al-Qaeda bomber kills 4 Yemen troops

ADEN: An Al-Qaeda suicide bomber killed four Yemeni soldiers in an attack Thursday in the Abyan province, where government forces have launched an anti-extremist offensive, a military official said.
The attacker rammed his car into two military vehicles parked on a road linking the towns of Loder and Moudia in Abyan province, the source said. “Four soldiers were killed and others were wounded,” the official told AFP.
The attack came after troops recaptured both towns from the terrorists who fled to surrounding mountains as the army entered, residents said.
Military sources said the bombing was a retaliation attack by Al-Qaeda after government troops recaptured parts of Abyan, including provincial capital Zinjibar.
Government forces, backed by air power from a Saudi-led coalition, launched the offensive to retake Abyan on Sunday, after they failed to recapture the vast province earlier this year.
Al-Qaeda and Daesh group have exploited a power vacuum in Yemen to expand their presence in the country’s south and southeast.
Yemeni authorities had trained hundreds of soldiers in the nearby province of Aden over the past two months to retake Abyan.
Washington considers the Yemen-based Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, or AQAP, to be the extremist network’s deadliest franchise.

Hezbollah responds to Netanyahu with a media tour of an steel factory

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Hezbollah responds to Netanyahu with a media tour of an steel factory

  • The local and international media accompanied the official of media relations in Hezbollah

BEIRUT: A few hours after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused Hezbollah, during his speech to the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday, of having "secret headquarters in the southern suburbs of Beirut," the party organized a media tour of the Jnah area that Netanyahu referred to, to deny the information he provided.

Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah responded to Netanyahu in a live speech on Tuesday night, and called on the air the media to tour the facility that Netanyahu talked about and said: "We do not place our missiles, neither in the Beirut port, nor near a gas station, nor between homes, and we know." Well, where should we place our missiles? "

The local and international media accompanied the official of media relations in Hezbollah, Muhammad Afif, to the facility that Netanyahu talked about in Jnah area and it turned out to be a steel-cutting factory and said: "We are not scouts for the enemy and we do not provide him with information, but this tour aims to reveal that these facilities have no connection with storage Weapons of resistance. "

The media tour accompanied by supporters of the party chanting for Nasrallah, during which Muhammad Afif said: "The enemy's claims are false, and this industrial facility has existed for decades."

The owner of the industrial facility in the Janah, who came in hastily at night to open the plant to the media, said: "This is a steel-cutting factory. We have workers and we work normally. Our doors are always open to everyone, and there are no missiles in it as you can see."

This plant is located in the industrial area of ​​Jnah, on the administrative borders of Beirut. Netanyahu had said of it that has "missile depots a meter away from gas depots near Beirut airport."

In information released by its spokesman, Avichai Adrai, the Israeli army identified two additional sites, which he claimed "Hezbollah used to manufacture parts for precision-guided missiles."

“One of the two sites is an underground facility built under four seven-story residential buildings in which 70 families live in the Al-Laylaki neighborhood east of Beirut International Airport, and next to it is a church and a medical center, and the second facility is under a complex of five residential buildings in which about 50 families live in Choueifat, located about 90 meters from a mosque.