Stallone puts ‘Rocky’ and ‘Rambo’ props up for sale

Updated 21 October 2015

Stallone puts ‘Rocky’ and ‘Rambo’ props up for sale

NEW YORK: Costumes and props worn by Hollywood star Sylvester Stallone in the box-office smash hit “Rocky” and Rambo” movies went on public view in New York Tuesday before being offered for auction.
Die-hard fans with deep pockets can snap up more than a thousand pieces of Stallone memorabilia at auction in Los Angeles in December, which will help benefit veterans charities.
The top valued items are Rocky Balboa’s boxing gloves and championship belt from “Rocky II,” and could each fetch a whopping $500,000, according to Heritage Auctions.
Other highlights are the character’s leather jacket from “Rocky” — the 1976 film that won three Oscars and propelled Stallone to international stardom — and his white robe from “Rocky IV.”
Also on sale is Stallone’s handwritten script for “Rocky,” his character John Rambo’s army jacket from “First Blood” and a “Judge Dredd” costume including helmet, boots and shoulder armor.
Top lots from the sale will remain on view in New York until Wednesday, before being offered for sale from Dec. 18-20 in Los Angeles, Heritage Auctions announced.
The New York-born Stallone is an Academy-award nominated actor best known for his tough guy roles in the “Rocky” and “Rambo” franchises. The 69-year-old is also a director and screenwriter.
“I thought other people would really appreciate them. So, rather than keep them in the dark (in storage) and just forget about them, I thought, let me just pass them on,” he told Heritage.
Fans can also bid on Rocky’s “Eye of the Tiger” jacket worn in “Rocky II,” the motorcycle he rode in “Rocky III” and “Rocky V” and items from his more recent “The Expendables” movies.

TWITTER POLL: More than three-quarters say no to failing Turkish lira

Updated 22 September 2020

TWITTER POLL: More than three-quarters say no to failing Turkish lira

  • Lira has lost half its value since 2017
  • Poll finds more than 80% would not invest in falling currency

DUBAI: The Turkish lira has plummeted 22 percent this year, but an Arab News Twitter poll found that most people still don’t have the confidence to invest in the tumbling currency.

About 18 percent of the 1,438 respondents said that a weak lira was worth investing in, while nearly 82 percent said the risk was too great.

Traders will buy currency when it is weak, but tend to only do so if there is confidence that it will eventually climb back up in value – thus making a profit.

The lira – already impacted by the coronavirus and President Recep Erdogan’s authoritarian style of leadership – has suffered increased problems as he printed more money to bolster spending, but instead his plan led to a further devaluation.

Turkey and Erdogan are facing widespread condemnation for their foreign policy, which has seen the country intrude into Greek-claimed waters and interference in Libya and Syria.

There is also growing concern of civil unrest inside the country.

On Monday the currency reached record lows, touching 7.6 against the US dollar – it has lost half its value since the end of 2017.