Autism event a big hit, artworks expo steals the show

Updated 16 May 2015

Autism event a big hit, artworks expo steals the show

An exhibition of talent and creativity of autistic children took center stage at a high-profile event which saw experts exchanging ideas and ways to deal with autism.
The event, "Together for Autism", was organized by the Princess Nora bint Abdul Rahman University (PNU) to draw the attention of people toward the victims of autism.
The event, organized by the Department of Special Education, Faculty of Education at PNU, seeks to mobilize efforts to achieve the goal of equal rights for autistic people. Among the speakers at the event were Princess Samirah bint Abdullah Al-Faisal, chairperson of the Autism Family, Dr. Sawsan Mohammad, and Hiam Aloufi, chairperson of the Department of Special Education.

The event was under aegis of PNU Director Dr. Huda Al-Ameel.

As many as 439 elementary school students took part in the function, which featured performance on autism by PNU school students, followed by a presentation that included a report on the views of members of the community about autism.

It also featured a report on vocational rehabilitation center and training for young victims of autism and a report on autism centers and associations in Riyadh.
One of the highlights of the event was the scientific panel discussion led by Dr. Sharifa Zubairi and members of the panel from within the university.
Recommendations were made before the conclusion of the event that also showcased an exhibition that brought together a group of centers, associations, schools and hospitals in Riyadh.
The second expo featured artistic works by talented autistic children, besides families' corner for consultation. The third pavilion was allotted for those endowed with talent and creativity.

Saudi Civil Service Ministry links up with 90 other agencies

Updated 13 December 2019

Saudi Civil Service Ministry links up with 90 other agencies

RIYADH: The Ministry of Civil Service, through a strategic partnership with the e-government program “Yesser,” has linked central databases with 90 government agencies representing more than 86 percent of public sector employees.

The database connection was secured after the agencies completed the requirements for sending human resources data through the government integration channel according to the classification of groups specified by the ministry.

The ministry, represented by its Digital Transformation Agency, has provided more than 27 electronic services on its website, serving government agencies and public sector employees.

This includes the “Eltizam” (commitment) service to provide human resources data including personnel data, jobs, salaries, qualifications, leave and performance evaluation.

There is also the “My Career Data” platform, which enables civil servants and human resources specialists to review and correct data, providing access to historical career records and administrative transactions.

King Salman recently issued directives to government agencies to complete electronic connectivity with the Ministry of Civil Service, to provide human resources data within 120 days.


What is Yesser?

It is a program that works as a link among Saudi government agencies in their e-transition journey. Yesser establishes, develops and manages several e-government initiatives and products in Saudi Arabia using the highest technical and security standards.