Nationwide outrage over Qatif carnage

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Updated 16 September 2015

Nationwide outrage over Qatif carnage

RIYADH: There has been widespread condemnation of Friday’s suicide attack on a mosque in Qatif that left at least 21 people dead and more than 100 injured.

A suicide bomber reportedly blew himself up inside the Imam Ali Mosque in the suburb of Quday in the province of Al-Qatif, where more than 150 people were performing Friday congregation prayers.
Bangladesh Ambassador Golam Moshi said the act was a “heinous crime” and cannot be tolerated. He said his country believes in peace and rejects this “cowardly act of terrorism.”
“As a country, we stand by Saudi Arabia to help it maintain peace, security and stability in the Kingdom and the world,” Moshi said.
Sri Lankan Ambassador Mohamed Hussein Mohamed slammed the act as terrorism, which should not be allowed to grow in the Kingdom. “Saudi Arabia is a country where there is peace, security and stability.” He urged the government to arrest those involved in the incident.
Pakistan Ambassador Manzur Ul-Haq said: “We strongly condemn this act which cost the lives of many people and injured several others.” As a mark of respect to those who died, the Pakistan Embassy postponed an evening community function at its premises on Friday, he said.
A Muslim diplomat from Asia said that any form of violence inside a mosque cannot be tolerated. “The time has come to wage an all-out war on such crimes which affect the lives of the common man,” he said.
Musaed Al-Zayani, a Saud journalist based in Dubai, said that he believes foreigners are involved in the attack, who are intent on driving a wedge between Sunnis and Shiites to create civil disturbances in the country. “The government should take every measure to bring this situation under control,” he said.
Naif Al-Rasheed, a Riyadh-based Saudi journalist, said the Kingdom should take stern action against those wanting to disrupt the lives of people in public places.
Faiz Al-Najdi, a civil engineer and freelance journalist, said that killing innocent people cannot be tolerated by any right-thinking person. “The government should not show mercy to anyone found responsible for this crime,” Al-Najdi said.
Seyed Hamid Moulana, a freelance journalist, said: “We strongly condemn those behind the tragedy in the eastern part of the Kingdom. We believe there is a foreign hand involved to create unrest in this peaceful country. We are certain that patriotic citizens and loyal expatriates will stand solidly behind the security forces to maintain peace and harmony in the country.”
He said people should not be “misled by some mischievous foreign media houses that are hell bent on creating unrest in the region. We are absolutely certain that neither Saudis nor expatriates are hoodwinked by these kinds of unfortunate incidents resulting in innocent deaths. We repeat that there is a foreign hand involved and the truth will be revealed by the security forces very soon.”

Houthis, Iran condemned over new drone attacks on KSA

Updated 26 October 2020

Houthis, Iran condemned over new drone attacks on KSA

  • One civilian injured by shrapnel after Saudi-led coalition intercepts four flying bombs launched from Yemen

JEDDAH: Houthi militias and their Iranian backers were condemned on Sunday after the Saudi-led coalition intercepted four explosive-laden drones in two attacks launched from Yemen targeting the south of the Kingdom.

Three of the drones were destroyed early on Saturday and a fourth on Sunday. Shrapnel that fell in Sarat Abidah governorate injured a civilian, and damaged five homes and three vehicles, said civil defense spokesman Capt. Mohammed Abdu Al-Sayed.

Iran was increasing its support to the Houthis to undermine efforts for peace, Dr. Hamdan Al-Shehri, the political analyst and international relations scholar, told Arab News.

“They want the Houthis to sabotage all they can in Saudi Arabia, regardless of whether their target is a populated area, oil facilities or even a sacred place. This adds tension to the area, and that is what Iran is working on.”

Iranians want the Houthis to sabotage all they can in Saudi Arabia, regardless of whether their target is a populated area, oil facilities or even a sacred place. This adds tension to the area, and that is what Iran is working on.

Dr. Hamdan Al-Shehri, political analyst and international relations scholar

Al-Shehri said the situation in Yemen would remain the same unless the legitimate government was returned to Yemen, Security Council Resolution 2216 was put into practice and the Houthi militia were removed.

“Without these things, the Yemen crisis will not end and the whole region will remain in tension.”

The Houthis did not differentiate between military sites and civilian locations, he said.

“Their objective is to damage all places they can reach in Saudi Arabia, and their latest attempts to attack a populated area are nothing new.

“They have also targeted airports and some Aramco oil facilities. If the Aramco attack had not been contained, the damage would have affected the whole Eastern region. They have also attempted to target Makkah, where pilgrims and worshippers were performing their rituals.

“They don’t care. If you look back at what the Revolutionary Guards did at the Grand Mosque, you will realize it is not strange that the Houthis are trying to destroy everything in Saudi Arabia. The strange thing is the silence of the world toward what is happening.”