Saudi courts register rise in cases of blackmail

Updated 02 June 2015

Saudi courts register rise in cases of blackmail

JEDDAH: Saudi courts Kingdom-wide have witnessed rising rates in blackmailing lawsuits with Jeddah courts registering the highest number at 67 cases, local media said quoting latest data released by the Ministry of Justice.
The courts also received some 88 naming-and-shaming cases of which Riyadh captured 71 cases, or 80.6 percent of the totals, according to the ministry report.
The courts received other similar lawsuits including 84 threatening others cases and 494 abusing others where Riyadh registered the highest number in both areas at 68 and 383 cases, respectively, the report said.
In a related development, the Appeals Court in Makkah has upheld a ruling issued by a Jeddah penal court against a Saudi citizen, in his fifties, who had blackmailed a girl, in her twenties. The Saudi was given six years in jail, 500 lashes and fined SR20,000 while his son, who gave coverage to his father’s ill-practices, was to be jailed for two months and 10 lashes, the report said.
The father reportedly developed an illegal relation with the girl and, meanwhile, forced his son to go with him to divert attention from them. The father, further, admitted that he went out with the girl several times, filmed her in shameless conditions, forced her to bring money, and threatened her if she declined to talk with or go out with him, the media said.
However, the girl informed members of the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice (Haia) who prepared a trap and caught the two culprits while they were trying to bring the girl into their car. All audio recordings and photos related to the girl were also seized, the media said.

Saudi Arabia will ease COVID-19 lockdown from Thursday

Updated 25 May 2020

Saudi Arabia will ease COVID-19 lockdown from Thursday

  • Health Minister Tawfiq Al-Rabiah said the easing will take place in phases
  • Al-Rabiah said the people of the Kingdom had shown a “high amount of responsibility"

RIYADH: Saudi Arabia will begin to ease its COVID-19 lockdown from Thursday.

Health Minister Tawfiq Al-Rabiah said the easing will be done in phases and will depend on reports on the spread of the virus. 

The first phase will begin with expanding capacity to serve "critical patients" and the second phase will include intensifying COVID-19 tests and early detection .

Speaking in a press conference on Monday, the Health Minister said the people of the Kingdom had shown a “high amount of responsibility in practicing social distancing.” 

"After five months since this pandemic have started, where the global health systems faced great difficulties in dealing with it, the society has become today more aware of this virus and implementing the measures of the social distancing, as it is a new experience for all of us," he said in remarks quoted by the Saudi Press Agency. 


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Saudi Arabia reports 9 new COVID-19 deaths


Rabiah said imposing the precautionary measures during an early phase of the pandemic had put the Kingdom in more control of the virus spread.

"We are proud of the Saudi experts in this field who are internationally recognized, and we rely on their experiences in dealing with that virus," he added.  

The minister said that people should continue taking precautionary measures while leaving their homes by using facemasks and hand gloves.

The Health Ministry recorded nine new fatalities and 2,235 new cases of coronavirus in the Kingdom on Monday. The new deaths have increased the virus-related toll in Saudi Arabia to 399 and the total number of confirmed cases to 74,795. 

It also said the number of recoveries has risen to 2,148, raising the total number of recovered cases 45,668.