Video clip helps Riyadh cops arrest car drifter

Updated 09 January 2016

Video clip helps Riyadh cops arrest car drifter

RIYADH: A young Saudi who had posted a video clip on social media showing himself drifting in a Land Cruiser on the streets of the capital has been arrested.

An official from the Riyadh Traffic Department, which apprehended the drifter, said the video clip clearly shows the driver drifting recklessly, causing his vehicle to overturn after losing control over it. “The car turned turtle causing significant damage to two cars parked along the road. However, there were no injuries.”
The traffic department closely studied the video clip during the investigation and zeroed in on the offender and the vehicle.
According to the official, the vehicle used for drifting belongs to the arrested youth’s father. During the inspection at the residence, the police found the youth hiding in the backyard from where he was arrested, he said..
The vehicle was taken into custody by the traffic reservation department according to the legal procedures.
The traffic department stressed its commitment to follow up on all traffic violations, and renewed warning that violators will be strictly dealt with.
According to Director of Jeddah Traffic Brig. Wasallah Al-Harbi , whoever is caught drifting will be punished by law and he will need to take a driving test after he promises not to drift again.
If a driver is caught drifting for the first time, his vehicle is seized for 15 days and he has to pay a fine of SR1,000. A court decides how his prison sentence will be applied, he said.
Al-Harbi said that offenders caught for the second time will have their vehicles confiscated for a month, fined SR1,500 each and a court will impose a longer prison sentence.
A third-time offender will be fined SR2,000 fine, the vehicle impounded and a longer prison sentence, besides he will have to pay more if the vehicle is rented or stolen, he said.
Last year, the Shoura Council recommended that penalties should also apply to those who encourage or provide financial support, or a spectator encouraging a car drifter with a fine of SR1,500 or seizure of the car for 15 days, or both.
In 2014 , the Riyadh traffic police arrested more than 646 car drifters during a period of six months preceding November.
Authorities have called on parents to monitor their sons, urging them to help reduce the extreme results of drifting since most of these violators are young men.

Sirens to ring out over Riyadh as Saudi’s Civil Defense test warning system

Updated 18 September 2019

Sirens to ring out over Riyadh as Saudi’s Civil Defense test warning system

Warning sirens will sound over Riyadh on Thursday as the General Directorate of Civil Defense carries out tests on its public alarm system.

The test, which will also take place in Ad-Dilam, Diriyah and Khafji, are being carried out to ensure the sirens are effective and ready, Directorate of Civil Defense spokesman in Riyadh, Lt. Col. Mohammed Al-Hammadi, said.

The tests come as Saudi Arabia – backed by international world powers – investigates Saturday’s attacks on the Aramco oil facilities.

The Saudi Aramco facilities were hit in drone strikes earlier this week, causing fires to break out.

The Houthis claimed responsibility, but the United States believes the attacks originated in southwestern Iran, a US official told Reuters, an assessment that further increases tension in the Middle East.

In response, Iran issued a denial, warning it would respond to any attacks.