Women spend massive sums on cosmetics in Saudi Arabia

Updated 11 February 2016

Women spend massive sums on cosmetics in Saudi Arabia

ABHA: Saudi women spend more on cosmetics compared to women in the West, the Arab world and even in the Gulf, economic studies show.
Recent statistics issued by the Saudi Customs suggest the amount of imported cosmetics in the past year exceeded SR2.3 billion.
Saudi Customs spokesperson Issa Al-Issa said: “The weight of imported cosmetics amounted to approximately 44.6 million kg.”
According to one magazine, the cosmetics market is estimated at SR60 billion. While predicting an 11 percent annual growth for the sector, the magazine estimated cosmetic surgery clinics in Saudi Arabia will increase 10 times over the next five years.
It also predicted a 26 percent increase in skin care products.
The report said that the Middle East’s share of cosmetics amounts to 20 percent of the total global market, with Saudi Arabia at the top for Middle Eastern countries.
Besides perfume, hair-care products are showing an increasing importance in Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states.
The report stated that the future of cosmetics is driven by the growing demand for these products, 12 percent internationally and 15 percent in the Gulf.
Dr. Salim Bajajah, director of administrative and financial sciences faculty at the University of Taif, said that the Saudi market was the largest in the Middle East and people prefer to buy luxury products.
He explained that the cosmetics industry develops constantly and companies release new products onto the market.
He added that women on average spend SR15,000 annually on beauty, personal care, cosmetics, skin care, fragrance, and hair care which amounts to a large part of the family budget.
Financially-independent women spend 70-80 percent of their salary on cosmetics. “This has a major negative affect on the Saudi economy and its impact will become greater if we consider measures to include non-extravagant polices in the current budget,” Bajajah explained.
Some reports indicate that Saudi imports of cosmetics are in excess of SR1.88 billion which is due to population growth, which increases demand.
Beauty expert Rabab Al-Zahrani said that her job required her to use products personally before recommending them to customers. “I spend SR10,000 on cosmetics per week, especially if I buy on the international market. Saudi woman are very careful about their skin because of the weather here,” she said.
Businesswoman Madawi Al-Hasoon said the Gulf region spent astounding amounts in the cosmetics sector. “Saudi Arabia is the leader in spending on cosmetics; the annual average is about SR400,000 with 11,000 salons in the Kingdom. Saudi women spend more than other Gulf women on beauty products,” she said.
Housewife Sarah Mohammad said that she goes shopping two-three times a week to “buy beauty products that I learn about on social media. My average exceeds SR8,000 per month.”

Saudi Arabia will ease COVID-19 lockdown from Thursday

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Saudi Arabia will ease COVID-19 lockdown from Thursday

  • Health Minister Tawfiq Al-Rabiah said the easing will take place in phases
  • Al-Rabiah said the people of the Kingdom had shown a “high amount of responsibility"

RIYADH: Saudi Arabia will begin to ease its COVID-19 lockdown from Thursday.

Health Minister Tawfiq Al-Rabiah said the easing will be done in phases and will depend on reports on the spread of the virus. 

The first phase will begin with expanding capacity to serve "critical patients" and the second phase will include intensifying COVID-19 tests and early detection .

Speaking in a press conference on Monday, the Health Minister said the people of the Kingdom had shown a “high amount of responsibility in practicing social distancing.” 

"After five months since this pandemic have started, where the global health systems faced great difficulties in dealing with it, the society has become today more aware of this virus and implementing the measures of the social distancing, as it is a new experience for all of us," he said in remarks quoted by the Saudi Press Agency. 


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Saudi Arabia reports 9 new COVID-19 deaths


Rabiah said imposing the precautionary measures during an early phase of the pandemic had put the Kingdom in more control of the virus spread.

"We are proud of the Saudi experts in this field who are internationally recognized, and we rely on their experiences in dealing with that virus," he added.  

The minister said that people should continue taking precautionary measures while leaving their homes by using facemasks and hand gloves.

The Health Ministry recorded nine new fatalities and 2,235 new cases of coronavirus in the Kingdom on Monday. The new deaths have increased the virus-related toll in Saudi Arabia to 399 and the total number of confirmed cases to 74,795. 

It also said the number of recoveries has risen to 2,148, raising the total number of recovered cases 45,668.