Families opt for yacht trips on vacation

Updated 19 March 2016

Families opt for yacht trips on vacation

JEDDAH: Many large Saudi families are opting for luxury yacht trips, especially during short vacations, costing between SR1,500 and SR4,000.
Abdulrahman Abed, who organizes trips, said luxury yachts are spacious and comfortable for many families. They also provide meals and the opportunity to swim or fish, according to a report in a local publication on Friday.
He said trips on normal yachts cost SR300 an hour but some people have expensive tastes. “Many families prefer to take these luxury yachts from Sharm Obhur to nearby islands such as Om Altair, Al-Qarqa’a and others,” he said. They often have parties, weddings and graduation celebrations on these vessels, he said.
Ahmed Abdulsalam, who organizes VIP yacht trips in the area, said that many people pay in advance. These yachts can hold up to 20 people, and cost up to SR4,000 an hour. Twelve-person yachts costs about SR1,200 without meals, but includes hot drinks, desserts and the chance to go fishing or swimming, he said.
Border Guard spokesman Col. Naji Al-Juhani said there is close monitoring of these vessels, with aid provided if there are mechanical and other problems. He urged people to comply with the law when going on such trips.
He said failure to comply would result in jail of between three days and five years, fines between SR2,000 and SR50,000, withdrawal of permits, a ban on operating for up to one year and confiscation of goods contravening regulations.

Saudi Arabia eases coronavirus lockdown restrictions

Updated 3 min 7 sec ago

Saudi Arabia eases coronavirus lockdown restrictions

RIYADH: Saudi Arabia announced easing of restrictions that has halted much of the activity in the country due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Movement in cities and within the regions of the country will again be permitted, the Saudi Press Agency reported on Tuesday.

Some economic and commercial activities will also be allowed to take place including those at wholesale and retail shops, as well as malls. Cafes will be permitted to operate once more.

However, all job sectors where social distancing rules are harder to achieve such as beauty salons, barbershops, sports and health clubs, recreational centers and cinemas will remain closed.

Authorities have also allowed the attendance at ministries, government agencies and private sector companies, and the return of their office activities.

There will be an easing of the full lockdown measures in Makkah from June 21 and prayers at the city's mosques will be permitted.


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